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The subcraft was Divatox's primary vessel, a craft capable of flight and interstellar travel, though it spent much of its time underwater.


Torpedoes emerging from water
Torpedoes emerging from water

The subcraft's torpedoes could fly through water, air, or outer space; they tended to strike near monsters, enlarging them.

Space base

Space base
Space base

The term "space base" refers to an orbital base used by Divatox after it was brought by General Havoc. The subcraft docked here after the space base arrived.

Neutron laserimage.png

Not long after the space base's arrival, Havoc introduced a "neutron laser" intended for use in defending the base [1]. It was apparently ruined when the Metal Mangler tore off a piece while being pulled to Earth [2] and didn't reappear subsequently.
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Turbo movie

Divatox used her subcraft as her mobile base of operations as she pursued Lerigot from Liaria to Earth [1]. She traveled by sea to the Nemesis Triangle, where Lerigot's golden key allowed them passage; at this time, captives Jason and Kimberly succeeded in opening a panel in the bilge, allowing Kimberly, Bulk, and Skull to escape [1]. Divatox and crew exited the craft to release Maligore on Muiranthias, but Divatox and Rygog fled a volcanic eruption after Maligore's defeat [1].
[1] Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

Turbo series

Subcraft descending
Subcraft descending
For her mission to exact revenge on the Turbo Rangers, Divatox had her subcraft fueled and soon left whatever planet she had been on previously (see "Divatox" for discussion) [1]. Upon arriving on Earth, the subcraft descended beneath the surface of what may have been Angel Grove Lake [1], where it may or may not have remained throughout Divatox's numerous subsequent attacks (see discussion below). Its torpedoes routinely enlarged Divatox's monsters [2].
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Later, General Havoc brought the space base, per Divatox's century-old request (their secret weapon Metallasaurus aboard) [1]. Divatox docked the subcraft here [1], where it remained for the rest of her attacks on Earth [2].
[1] The Darkest Day
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Was Divatox's craft actually called a "subcraft" in-show?

Yes [1]. It was also called a submarine [2], "craft" [3], "ship" [4], "spacecraft" [5], and "floating garbage can" [6].
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When Divatox first entered the subcraft in "Shift into Turbo," why did she call it "magnificent," as though she hadn't seen it before?

While she might have been looking around as she said this [1], we don't know what exactly she was referring to. Do note, however, that the subcraft's control room did look slightly different from its movie appearance (most notably, the area around the periscope was no longer raised with a railing around it) [1,2]. No difference was mentioned in dialog (except, arguably, in the form of the "magnificent" remark [1]).
Interior (movie)
Interior (movie)
Interior (series, looking other way)
Interior (series, looking other way)

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Was Ninjor's jar among loot in the subcraft?

While a jar seen aboard the subcraft [1] did seem to bear a close resemblance to Ninjor's first jar [2], the similarity wasn't mentioned in dialog (see "Prop recycling").
Ninjor's first jar
Ninjor's first jar
Sub jar
Sub jar

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What were the subcraft's "barrier shields?"

It wasn't stated outright, but before leaving Liaria, Divatox ordered the "barrier shields" activated [1]. When the ship approached Earth, Tanya noted it had "some kind of shield blocking its identity"; Zordon added (of the ship or the shield), "an evil energy surrounds it" [1]. Whether anyone detected Divatox's second arrival on Earth [2] was unspecified.
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What about the space base? Did it have shields?

Yes, Alpha noted the space base was shielded from their sensors [1]. Carlos later noted that nothing could get through Divatox's shields, but when Porto lowered them to send the evil Turbo Megazord to Earth, the Rangers attacked the base with a magnetic beam until a monster disabled the beam [2].
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Shouldn't the torpedoes have enlarged the ghost galleon instead of blowing it up?

The galleon explodes
The galleon explodes
While we don't know that the monster-enlarging torpedoes were in use as early as the movie (before the first monster later grew in-show, Divatox asked, Porto, "Are you sure they're going to do what you said they're going to do?" [1]), it should be noted that the normally growth-inducing torpedoes were later used to try to destroy the Phantom Ranger's ship (though it survived) [2]. Hence, the destruction of the ghost galleon in the movie [3] isn't outright incompatible with the torpedoes' use in-show.
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But why did the torpedoes blow up ships but enlarge monsters?

They just did...? Also note that they seemed to exhibit restorative properties for the Turbo Rangers, Blue Senturion, and perhaps even Bulk and Skull in one episode [1] (see below).
[1] Honey, I Shrunk the Rangers, part 2

Why were two torpedoes always launched to enlarge monsters? Wouldn't one have sufficed?

It was unspecified why two were always launched. Porto once enlarged himself by tipping over a single torpedo he'd hauled out of the subcraft [1], but note that he grew in intermittent bursts rather than the single enlargement usually seen by monsters struck with two [2], whether that means anything.
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Why did the torpedoes make monsters blow steam from reddened faces?

Sometimes they did [1], and sometimes they didn't (at least not on-screen) [2]. It wasn't discussed in dialog, except ...
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[2] Shift into Turbo, part 3, et al.

Would the torpedoes have been able to resurrect and enlarge a foe who had been destroyed in small scale?

Maybe? Of the few of Divatox's monsters actually destroyed in small scale [1], only one was enlarged [2] (the rest didn't even have the torpedoes launched on their behalf). (The aforementioned exception is valid only if Crosspatch was in fact destroyed by the giant battery pack which fell on him [2].)
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[2] Clash of the Megazords

Note that in the case of Griller, Divatox intended to launch the torpedoes when it was apparent the monster was in trouble (he fell to the Turbo R.A.M. Cannon), but Rygog and Elgar had removed the torpedoes to polish them [1]. The Rangers later succeeded in destroying the monster [1].
[1] Cars Attacks

How did the torpedoes un-shrink the Rangers and reverse their insectoid transformation in "Honey, I Shrunk the Rangers?"

It wasn't exactly explained, except that Tommy and Adam considered that "if the torpedoes [made] Divatox's monsters big," riding them out might make them "normal again" [1]; the ride ended up doing just that when the torpedoes (and Rangers) hit the ground (the blast also un-shrunk the nearby Blue Senturion) [1].
[1] Honey, I Shrunk the Rangers, part 2

Was it the torpedo smoke or the detonator blast which turned Bulk and Skull back into humans?

It wasn't explained, although the residual smoke from the recent torpedo impact (having been just white smoke beforehand) did seem to glow greenish-blue immediately following the detonator's explosion in the sky [1]. It could be noted that the torpedoes were apparently responsible for restoring the Rangers from their own predicament (see above) [1], but fundamentally, we don't know if Bulk and Skull were restored by the detonator, the torpedoes, both, or something else entirely.
[1] Honey, I Shrunk the Rangers, part 2

But why were they invisible?

Unexplained [1]. One could note that Bulk later mentioned he'd "thought it would be great to be invisible" in his childhood [2], whether that means anything.
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So maybe the torpedoes granted wishes?
Maybe. It might explain why they also turned human, as Skull had noted (on the detonator explosion?) right before their transformation, "If we were only humans, we could've helped out in some way" [1]. Heck, it could even explain why the Rangers' insect transformation was reversed [1]. Fundamentally, though, the show never explained Bulk and Skull's transformation, aside from a pan down to the glowing smoke [1].
[1] Honey, I Shrunk the Rangers, part 2

How did Bulk and Skull's chimp clothes turn into human-sized clothes?

Unspecified [1].
[1] Honey, I Shrunk the Rangers, part 2 vs. Stitch Witchery

What made their invisibility wear off?

Also unspecified [1]. We also don't know exactly how long they were invisible (we know an episode span, but not how much time elapsed therein) [2].
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Were those missile-looking things that delivered a giant jacket in "Stitch Witchery" supposed to be torpedoes?

Unspecified; the missile-like objects weren't even mentioned in dialog [1]. They weren't a great visual match for the torpedoes, though.image.png
[1] Stitch Witchery

What was up with the periscope that appeared everywhere?

Periscope (standard)
Periscope (standard)
Periscope (tiny)
Periscope (tiny)

Its nature wasn't detailed, but the periscope frequently popped up from any number of liquid vessels (and in at least two sizes):

The periscope was seen in the following vessels or bodies of water:
  • the ocean [1]
  • a barrel filled with water [2]
  • "the river" [2]
  • a bird bath [3]
  • a bucket of water [3,5]
  • a glass of water (tiny periscope) [4]
  • a cleaning bucket of soapy water [5]
  • a mud puddle [6]
  • a fountain [7]
  • a sealed water jug [8]
  • a beverage cooler apparently containing water [9]
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And other liquids or semisolid substances:
  • a bowl of punch [1]
  • a barrel of unidentified green sludge [2]
  • an open ice chest (see note below) [3]
  • a hot dog cooker [4]
  • a bottle of apple juice (tiny periscope; see note below) [5]
  • a drink pitcher [5]
  • a mug of hot chocolate (tiny periscope) [6]
  • a bucket of tar (which obscured the lens) [7]
  • a jug of orange juice (tiny periscope) [8]
  • a bucket apparently containing dry ice [9]
  • an ice cream sundae (tiny periscope) [10]
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So when the periscope was in something, does that mean the subcraft was in there too?

It's hard to say, because we never saw below the periscope tube when it was in a vessel. Note:
  • The size of the vessels often seemed to defy a scale subcraft being attached [1].
  • Whether or not the periscope could resize itself, we have no in-show evidence that the subcraft could do likewise (see below for one possible exception).
  • The periscope continued to appear in various vessels even while the subcraft appeared to remain docked with the space base [2].
  • Divatox once wore a parka during one of the periscope's immersions in ice [3].
  • The chimps' manhandling of the exterior portion twice caused the interior portion to move around wildly [4].
  • While the (tiny) periscope was in a bottle of apple juice, Elgar (inside the subcraft) drank juice trickling out of the eyepiece [5].
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Why did the subcraft look so small when it emerged from the water in the Turbo movie?

While in real life the subcraft model was surely less than full-scale, given the scale of the waves on the water's surface [1], no dialog acknowledged any change in size (this might be best disregarded as a production quirk).
[1] Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

How was Elgar able to open the portholes without flooding the subcraft?

Unspecified, but note:
  • Elgar was once seen opening a porthole and tossing water out through the opening from a bucket; as he peered out, water splashed back in his face [1].
  • Elgar once fought with a creature's head resembling a hammerhead shark or shark monster (see "Slippery Shark") as it was poking in through an open porthole [2].
  • Saying it was "stuffy in here," Elgar opened a porthole (which he called "the window") before noticing a giant eye of some sort outside [3].
  • Elgar was once seen bringing in what appeared to be Rygog's gauntlets (and boxer shorts too?) through an open porthole and placing them in a laundry basket (boots were already hanging inside on a clothes line) [4].
  • Elgar once wrestled with a large squid's tentacle protruding from an open porthole (he was almost pulled completely outside but later held a pot of cooked squid) [5].
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One could argue the above incidents were just throwaway visual gags (and in fact none of said gags actually appeared in their respective episodes' scripts, whether that has any bearing). Also note that although the exterior of the subcraft was shown to contain portholes [1], the portholes inside the subcraft were still colored a dull blue even after the subcraft had docked with the space base [2] (after a brief period of showing space while in transit [3]).
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Did the subcraft travel at a depth of 20,000 leagues? Isn't that too deep for Angel Grove Lake?

Although Elgar remarked that it was "so hard to get good water delivery 20,000 leagues under" [1], it should be noted that 20,000 leagues is a distance over 15 times the radius of the Earth. So yes, that probably is too deep for Angel Grove Lake (or wherever it was).
[1] Shift into Turbo, part 2

(Also note that Elgar also recited instructions to go down "about 20,000 leagues" at or near the Salton Sea on a treasure expedition [1].)
[1] The Wheel of Fate

Was the subcraft in Angel Grove Lake the whole time it was on Earth?

Unstated as such, but note the following:
  • Upon arriving on Earth, the subcraft descended into an unnamed body of water resembling a lake, where Bulk and Skull were meeting with Lt. Stone [1]. They later spoke of the spaceship's descent into "the lake" [2].
  • Stock footage of the torpedoes' launch (before the space base) always appeared to take place in said unnamed body of water [3].
  • The subcraft twice crashed into something underwater (judging from a map, Porto determined it — at least the first time — to be Angel Grove Cliffs) [4].
  • Elgar encountered a number of sea creatures while aboard the subcraft (above).
  • While picking up a pizza in disguise, Porto agreed when asked whether he was "in Angel Grove Lake" [5]; later in the same episode, Elgar encountered a shark in the waters outside the subcraft [5].
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Was the subcraft ever unmanned?

Perhaps in a few instances, though in each case Piranhatrons may or may not have remained in the subcraft:
  • Unless a few warriors remained in the subcraft, it appeared Divatox and her entire crew left the subcraft to release Maligore on Muiranthias [1]. (Note that Porto's whereabouts during the movie were unknown.)
  • Divatox and crew (including some Piranhatron) were out for a day at the beach when Blue Senturion crash-landed [2].
  • Divatox and crew (including a few Piranhatron) went to the beach to test a teleportation beam [3].
  • Divatox and crew (including some Piranhatron) attended what looked to be a monster training session on Earth [4].
  • Divatox and crew (including dozens of Piranhatron) were present in the desert for the attack on the Power Chamber [5].
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Porto may also have manned the subcraft alone at times; see his page for details.

Why did Rygog and Elgar sleep on the main deck of the subcraft? Didn't they have sleeping quarters?

Their sleeping arrangement wasn't explained [1]. Note, however, that Porto may have slept there too under normal circumstances, given that Elgar noticed Porto was missing after waking up and glancing around (unless Porto was usually working nearby by that time of morning?) [1].
[1] Rally Ranger

What kinds of rooms did the subcraft contain?

Divatox's bedroom
Divatox's bedroom
Aside from the main deck, the following rooms appeared or were mentioned in-show:
  • a bilge where Jason, Kimberly, Bulk, and Skull were held [1]
  • what appeared to be an elevator (from which monsters and other villains would sometimes enter) [2]
  • a dishwashing room (apparently somewhere aboard the subcraft) [3]
  • a sauna (looked like the elevator) [4]
  • Divatox's bedroom [5,6]
  • an engine room and a torpedo room [5]
  • a lab? (maybe or maybe not within the subcraft) [7]
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Why did it take general Havoc 100 years to build the space base?

See "General Havoc" for discussion.

How could things fall over the space base's balcony to Earth, while the subcraft and balcony retained air?

Unspecified (assuming there actually was air in the space base), but see "Universe" for other space-air oddities. For reference, the following items and individuals fell over the balcony:
[1] Clash of the Megazords
[2] Beware the Third Wish

How did the space base get infested with lunar bats?

Unspecified [1], but one might note that Divatox had previously requested "more Zords" following the Terror Zord incident [2]; a few episodes after the lunar bat's appearance, three evil Zords stood (more or less) complete on the moon [3].
[1] Carlos and the Count
[2] The Accident
[3] Little Strong Man

And the "flying fish" Elgar was chasing at one point?

Unknown [1].
[1] Shift into Turbo, part 3

What happened to Divatox's pet eel?

Divatox wrapped it around Elgar's neck before tossing him into Maligore's lava pit; she then told Rygog to remind her to get another pet [1]. There were later two similar creatures in narrow passageways within the subcraft; they chased the shrunken Turbo Rangers until slamming into each other [2].
[1] Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie
[2] Honey, I Shrunk the Rangers, part 2

That thing didn't look much like an eel.

Perhaps not, but both Divatox and Tommy referred to it (them) as such [1].
[1] Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, Honey, I Shrunk the Rangers, part 2

Where did those eel-like things come from?


Why did the space base's view of Earth show the Earth rotated to Japan instead of the United States?

Space base's view of Earth
Space base's view of Earth
That wasn't mentioned in dialog [1]. North America was facing the camera when the torpedoes flew down [2].image.png
[1] The Darkest Day, et al.
[2] Clash of the Megazords, et al.

What was the neutron laser used for?

Havoc originally introduced it "in case of attack" [1]. Its actual uses were as follows:
  • Divatox accidentally fired a blast which bounced around the space base's holding bay (apparently harmlessly) [1].
  • Divatox used it to shoot down Lightning Cruiser as it flew over Angel Grove [1].
  • After Elgar had been using it to shoot down satellites, Divatox bummed a token from him and began firing on Angel Grove [1].
  • Divatox tried to halt the Rangers' super-magnet attack by firing on them with the neutron laser, but she missed repeatedly [2].
[1] One Last Hope
[2] Clash of the Megazords

Wait, the neutron laser was token-operated?

At least for that one gag, apparently: Divatox scolded Elgar for treating the laser like a game but then asked him for a token, being all out [1]. It wasn't shown to require tokens on any other occasions.
[1] One Last Hope

What happened to the subcraft?

It was last seen docked with the subcraft [1].
[1] Chase into Space, part 1

What happened to the space base?

It wasn't shown again following her departure for the Cimmarian planet [1]. (She apparently used a different ship during In Space [2].)
[1] Chase into Space
[2] The Delta Discovery, T.J.'s Identity Crisis (?)