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Title Note: On-screen titles in Zeo used Roman numerals for part numbers.

A Zeo Beginning, part 1

A Zeo Beginning, part 2

The Shooting Star

Target Rangers

For Cryin' Out Loud

Rangers in the Outfield

  • The People Pitcher captures Rocky without his Zeonizer.
  • Tanya joins the baseball team and breaks up with Shawn for being unsupportive.

Every Dog Has His Day

The Puppet Blaster

Invasion of the Ranger Snatchers

  • Rocky gets to play a sidekick in a low-budget action movie; Cogs steal monster costumes from the set.
  • The Rangers are warped to a movie world, where the monsters are now real.

Graduation Blues

  • Having too many credits, Billy graduates early; Cestro arrives in need of his help.
  • The Rangers defeat a Hydro Contaminator, and Billy leaves with Cestro for Aquitar.

A Few Bad Seeds

  • Rocky accidentally grows a metal-eating plant; King Mondo turns it into a pair of monsters; Rocky begins turning into a plant as well.

Instrument of Destruction

  • Adam rescues a mysterious pianist from the Machine Empire; the Rangers fight Fortissimodo.
  • Adam learns the pianist is Skull and encourages him to play in a recital.

Mean Screen

Mr. Billy's Wild Ride

  • The Machine Empire disables Billy's ship as he returns from Aquitar; the Rangers fight Mechanizer to retrieve a part for their tractor beam to rescue him.

There's No Business Like Snow Business, part 1

  • Tommy receives a breakup letter from Kimberly; Billy and Kat take him on a ski vacation to cheer him up.
  • The Machine Empire unleashes Robocupid, who makes people fall in love with machines.
  • Tommy's new romantic interest Heather nearly falls off a cliff when Cogs attack (cont'd below).

There's No Business Like Snow Business, part 2

  • The teens rescue Heather; she and Tommy get friendly.
  • Robocupid is destroyed, but Defoliator begins to raise the temperature (cont'd below).

There's No Business Like Snow Business, part 3

  • The Rangers destroy Defoliator, but Tommy's secret identity ruins his chances with Heather; Tommy and Kat share a dinner date instead.

Inner Spirit


  • Sam sends Tommy on a vision quest to find his lookalike; he takes time out to battle Punch-a-bunch.
  • Tommy finds the young man, David, and learns they are brothers each carrying arrowhead halves (cont'd below).

Found and Lost

  • King Mondo captures David and demands the arrowhead in exchange for his release; Mace Face is also on the rampage (cont'd below).

Brother, Can You Spare an Arrowhead?

  • The Rangers defeat Mace Face, and Tommy frees David; the Rangers fight an angry Autochthon.
  • Tommy and David split up their arrowhead halves once again.

Trust in Me

  • Rocky befriends a blind martial artist.
  • Defector betrays Rocky's trust.

It Came from Angel Grove

  • Adam has a nightmare about his friends as monster movie characters.

Note: "It Came from Angel Grove" had a production code placing it after "Scent of a Weasel," but airdate, Netflix, and DVD orders place it here (befitting Bulk and Skull still being in the Junior Police).

Bulk Fiction

  • Bulk woos the police chief's daughter, but his antics get Lt. Stone fired; Bulk and Skull quit as well, and Stone hires them as detectives.

Song Sung Yellow

  • Tanya's music video gets her noticed by a music producer, but she turns down a recording contract.

Game of Honor

  • Shawn considers using an invisibility medallion against Adam in a kung fu championship; the Rangers thwart the Machine Empire's invisibility scheme.

The Power of Gold

A Small Problem

  • Tommy and Kat join Raymond on a trip to the desert but end up miniaturized by Prince Sprocket.
  • The Gold Ranger helps against Tarantabot.

A Season to Remember

  • Old Tommy tells his grandson a story about a Christmas Prince Sprocket almost ruined.

Note: "A Season to Remember" had a production code placing it after "Scent of a Weasel" (and it debuted after the season was over!), but Netflix and DVD orders place it here (before summer episodes, and appropriately before Rito and Goldar's departure in "A Golden Homecoming").

Oily to Bed, Oily to Rise

  • Tommy and Kat's surfing competition is interrupted when Hose Head pollutes Angel Grove's water supply.

Rock-A-Bye Power Rangers

  • Worn down by multiple battles, the Rangers face off against the sleep-inducing Somnibot.
  • The teens remain suspicious of Billy as the Gold Ranger's identity remains unrevealed.

Do I Know You?

  • A Varox bounty hunter targets the Gold Ranger, but the Rangers come to his aid.

Revelations of Gold

  • The Varox shoot down the Gold Ranger over Aquitar, revealing him as Trey of Triforia.
  • Trey splits into a trifold form and needs to pass the Golden powers to someone new (cont'd below).

A Golden Homecoming

  • Tommy returns to the Power Chamber with Jason, who becomes the Gold Ranger; the Super Zeo Zords debut.
  • Rito and Goldar regain their memories and leave Bulk and Skull.

Mondo's Last Stand

  • Rito and Goldar rejoin Rita and Zedd, who plan to overthrow the Machine Empire.
  • Rocky feels unappreciated with Jason now on the team; King Mondo unearths the Damocles Sword and is destroyed by the Super Zeo Megazord.

Bomber in the Summer

  • Rita and Zedd send Louie Kaboom to head the Machine Empire.
  • Jason defends a biker girl named Emily when Louie turns her necklace into a monster; she begins working for Ernie's beach club.

Scent of a Weasel

  • Skull befriends a fashion model doused with smelly perfume; the Rangers fight Stenchy, who makes them smell bad as well.
  • Trey sends the Rangers the Warrior Wheel.

The Lore of Auric

  • Tanya's explorer parents discover the tiki of Auric, but Louie takes it.
  • Aisha sends Tanya the key to Auric, but Louie takes it too; Auric ultimately befriends the Rangers.
  • Tanya rescues her parents.

The Ranger Who Came in from the Gold

  • Louie unleashes the Midas Hound; it turns things to gold, including Jason.
  • Bulk and Skull ruin Kat's ballet recital.

The Joke's on Blue

  • Bulk and Skull compete with rival detectives to discover a rogue prankster (secretly the rivals themselves).
  • Prince Gasket and Archerina arrive and send Louie to his destruction at the hands of the Rangers.

Where in the World is Zeo Ranger 5?

  • Gasket captures Tommy (cont'd below); the others fight Cruel Chrome.

King for a Day, part 1

  • Gasket brainwashes Tommy into thinking he's king of the Machine Empire; Bulk, Skull, and Jason end up trapped in Gasket's monster arena (cont'd below).

King for a Day, part 2

  • Zedd and Rita send the other Rangers to Gasket's arena; they break Gasket's control over Tommy, and Bulk and Skull help them escape.

A Brief Mystery of Time

  • Gasket causes the same day to repeat, and only Tommy notices what's happening.

A Mystery to Me

  • During a whodunit party, Kat has to fight Archerina alone while the others are sealed away; Auric helps.

Another Song and Dance

  • Tommy and Tanya are placed under a spell which forces them to sing.
  • The Rangers face the Mechaterpillar and a Machine Empire onslaught.

Rangers of Two Worlds, part 1

  • King Mondo returns.
  • Billy is aging rapidly due to his prior age restoration (see MMAR); Delphine and Cestro arrive from Aquitar to help.
  • The Rangers must fight the machine-controlling Cog Changer as well as Rita's monster Impursonator (cont'd below).

Rangers of Two Worlds, part 2

  • The Alien Rangers join forces with the Zeo Rangers; the two monsters are defeated.
  • Billy travels to Aquitar for treatment and remains there with his love interest Cestria.

Hawaii Zeo

  • Jason begins to grow weak.
  • Gasket and Archerina interrupts Tommy and Kat's first date; the villains fall in battle and retreat from Mondo.

Good as Gold

  • Jason continues to weaken; the Rangers use a special beam to reunify Trey, allowing him to reclaim the Golden powers.
  • Mondo falls in battle, and Rita and Zedd obliterate him and his family with a bomb.


The "It's Coming" Zeo previews are not included in the above episode list because they did not receive an episode number or numbers (not being an episode, one might argue), and their events were never referenced in-show (in fact, the Rita and Zedd scenes were apparently supplanted by new scenes in "A Zeo Beginning").

The preview segments consisted of the following events (segments are cited by the number in which they aired):
  • A scientist (Dr. Jewel) meets with another scientist (Dr. Kender) at an observatory [1-2,8].
  • Rita cheerily notes the Rangers kept fighting until the end; "they were no match for me," Zedd notes [3]. Rita is alarmed by something in her telescope [4-5], and Zedd is furious upon spying a Quadrafighter (apparently on Earth) [6-7].
  • The scientists discuss a disturbance in Earth's atmosphere [9]; Dr. Jewel reveals photo of a Machine Empire gear ship taken from a space telescope [10-11]. Meanwhile, Machine Empire forces gather [11].
  • The observatory's janitor watches a TV report: it's been unusually quiet, and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers haven't been seen or heard from "in quite some time" (some believe the Rangers returned to their own planet) [12]. The janitor spies a Quadrafighter and phones the TV station [12].
  • A correspondent (Wolfgang Blizzard) interviews the janitor about the alien spaceship [13]; the janitor spots the scientists nearby [13], and the correspondent assumes from their evasiveness that it's a secret alien spaceship [14]. Their dialog continues [19].
  • Irritated as usual [15-16], Lt. Stone sends Bulk and Skull into a field to watch for aliens [16], but they fall asleep [17]; as a gear ship flies over the duo [17-18], Mondo and Machina find the humans useless [18].
  • Bulk and Skull awaken to the gear ship nearby and flee [20], also spotting Cogs in the field [21-22]; Lt. Stone finds them, and all three flee from the Cogs [23].
  • In the Juice Bar, Ernie is skeptical of Bulk and Skull's story [24-25] until the governor declares a state of emergency [25-26]. NASA is said to have confirmed an approaching armada of hostile alien ships, and efforts to contact the Power Rangers have proven unsuccessful [26]; the governor then issues a plea for the Rangers' help [27].
  • Mondo and Machina scoff at the governor's broadcast, noting, "the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, whoever they are, won't be able to help you now" [28].
  • As ships gather over the Earth, Machina notes their "eons of planning" have led to this one moment, when they could say the universe was theirs; Mondo notes the Quadrafighters have returned from scouting the Earth [29].
  • Lt. Stone, Bulk, and Skull prepare emergency supplies [30].
  • Finster urges Zedd to leave [31].
  • Mondo spies Rita and Zedd, whom Machina thought had "retired eons ago"; both plan to have no mercy on them, their only obstacle to obliterating the planet [32].

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