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Kimberly circa season 2
Kimberly circa season 2
Kimberly (often called "Kim") served as the original Pink Mighty Morphin Power Ranger.


Kimberly was a talented gymnast [1].
[1] Day of the Dumpster, Forever Friends, A Different Shade of Pink

Grumble the Magic Elfimage.png

Grumble the Magic Elf was a storybook Kim's father used to read her in her childhood [1]. Its characters included the titular elf, a hostile snow monster, and an evil magician named Mondo (see below) [1].
[1] Storybook Rangers

Mondo the Magicianimage.png

Mondo, known as both "Mondo the Magnificent Magician" and simply "Mondo the Magician," was responsible for placing Grumble under a grouchiness spell; Grumble's only hope of becoming nice again was to deliver toys to some orphans [1]. Curiously, though Mondo was a character in a storybook, Rita described him as an "old friend" [2], and she and Zedd somehow allowed him to escape into the real world [2]; then giant-sized in Angel Grove, he was promptly destroyed by the Thunder Megazord [2].
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[2] Storybook Rangers, part 2


  • mother, father (see below)
  • Steve (uncle; see below)
  • Kelly (cousin; see below)
  • brother (unnamed) [1]
  • possible wild west ancestor (see questions below)
[1] The Wedding, part 1


Kim's mom and date (season 1)
Kim's mom and date (season 1)
Kim's mom and fiancé (season 3)
Kim's mom and fiancé (season 3)




Uncle Steveimage.png





MMPR season 1

Kimberly circa season 1
Kimberly circa season 1

After being recruited by Zordon as a Mighty Morphin Power Ranger, Kimberly battled Rita's forces as the Pink Ranger while attending Angel Grove High [1].
[1] Day of the Dumpster, Teamwork, et al.

MMPR season 2

Young Kimberly ("Rangers Back in Time")
Young Kimberly ("Rangers Back in Time")


MMPR season 3

Kimberly circa season 3
Kimberly circa season 3




Turbo movie

Evil Kim
Evil Kim
Kimberly and Jason were scuba diving together when they were captured by Divatox's forces; kept in the bilge of her subcraft with Bulk and Skull, they broke out after the ship had entered the Nemesis Triangle, but Jason remained behind, and Kimberly was captured by the Malikayas [1]. She and Jason were later reunited at the Serpent's Temple, where Divatox lowered them into Maligore's pit as sacrifices; now evil, they fought the Turbo Rangers until being turned good by the Liarians [1]. The Liarians and four humans reunited outside and were taken aboard the Turbo Megazord [1]. Later, Kimberly cheered on Jason, Adam, and Tommy at a martial arts tournament to save Justin's shelter [1].
[1] Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie


What was Kimberly's full name?

Her middle name was Ann (or Anne) [1], and her last name was Hart [2].
[1] The Potion Notion
[2] Trick or Treat

Was there an official spelling for "Hart?"

It was spelled as such in a script for "A Brush with Destiny"; this spelling is reiterated on the official Power Rangers website.

What about "Ann/Anne?"

It didn't appear in writing in-show.

What was Kimberly's ancestry?

Unspecified, except that Hart is an English surname in real life.

Was Kimberly native to Angel Grove?

Unspecified, except that her apparent ancestor was seen in (or passing through) Old West Angel Grove [1].
[1] Wild West Rangers, part 1

Was Kimberly on a gymnastics team?

Perhaps not: she apparently practiced and attended competitions as an individual [1], and no gymnastics team was ever mentioned. During one practice session in the Youth Center, however, several girls in gymnast-type outfits could be seen watching Kimberly's performance and apparently commenting favorably [2]; these girls weren't mentioned in dialog, however.
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What was the extent of Kimberly's martial arts knowledge?

We don't know the full extent of her knowledge, but note the following:
  • In the Youth Center before becoming a Ranger, Kim and Trini flipped Bulk and Skull onto a mat (they had lunged at the girls to demonstrate "karate moves" after the girls noted they could defend themselves); Kim then advised them to join Jason's karate class [1].
  • Before morphing for the first time, Kim kicked two Putties as she struggled to escape their grasp [1].
[1] Day of the Dumpster

Did Kimberly scream when the Putties first attacked the teens, or didn't she?

In the original version of "Day of the Dumpster," she did. In Disney's reversioning, the scream was omitted. (Of course, its omission doesn't necessarily mean she didn't, and whether Disney's reversioning means anything is up to you.)

Um, was Kimberly's mom dating Uncle Steve in "Return of an Old Friend?"

The man accompanying Kimberly's mom at Parents' Day wasn't named in-show [1]; though he was played by the same actor as Uncle Steve, several possibilities exist:
  • Maybe she was dating (or married to!) Uncle Steve; we don't know whether Steve was biologically related to Kimberly's mom.
  • Maybe Uncle Steve was her brother, accompanying her non-romantically.
  • Maybe it was some other man accompanying her, romantically or not (see "Actor recycling").
[1] Return of an Old Friend

What was the title of the song Kim and Zack sang to Tommy in "The Song of Guitardo?"

It wasn't named in-show; some fan sources list it as "Down the Road."

What were the lyrics?


How was Mondo the Magician an "old friend" to Rita if he was a character in a storybook?

Unknown [1].
[1] Storybook Rangers, part 2

Was Kimberly's ancestor just arriving in Angel Grove when she was seen at the end of "Wild West Rangers?"

Kim's ancestor?
Kim's ancestor?
Unstated, though it could be noted that none of the Wild West teens seemed to confuse Kim with anyone they had previously known, while they themselves were mistakable for their own descendants [1]. (Also note that the young lady wasn't expressly stated to be related to Kimberly, though one could argue it was strongly implied [2].)
[1] Wild West Rangers, part 1
[2] Wild West Rangers, part 2

Would Tommy and Kim have been related if the White Stranger and Kimberly's ancestor ended up having children?

Assuming both were Tommy and Kim's ancestors (not expressly stated in-show), and assuming they had children from which Tommy and Kim both descended (we only saw them smile at each other in passing) [1], then yes, Tommy and Kim might conceivably have been fourth cousins, insofar as they would have shared great-great-great-grandparents [1].
[1] Wild West Rangers, part 2

How long was Kimberly in Florida?

Kimberly circa season 3
Kimberly circa season 3

How did Kimberly end up with Jason in the Turbo movie?

Unspecified; Kimberly noted they had "come back here to surprise everybody" [1], but Kim's last known residence was in Florida (Pan Global Games notwithstanding) [2], while Jason had last been seen (fairly recently) in Angel Grove [3]! We also don't know why they were taking a morning scuba dive before surprising everybody [1].
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"Pink is out?" But wasn't she wearing--?

Yep, evil Kim was wearing pink while telling Kat (with a kick) that pink was out [1]. But evil Jason arguably didn't make a lot of sense either.
[1] Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

Did being a sacrifice to Maligore have any lingering effects on Kimberly?

She seemed fairly normal after the Liarians used sparkles on her: we subsequently saw her in and out of the temple, in the Megazord cockpit, and at the charity tournament [1].
[1] Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

Did Kimberly leave right after the charity tournament? She wasn't in the Power Chamber with the others afterward.

Maybe? Note, however, that we don't know that the Power Chamber scene (shown during the movie's end credits) definitely took place after the tournament (though the teens who weren't in the tournament were in the same clothes) [1]. Also, no wide shot was shown of the Power Chamber as the teens met with the Liarians [1]; what's to say Kimberly wasn't present just off-camera?
[1] Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

How did Tommy and Kimberly get along in the Turbo movie?

Okay, I guess? (See "Tommy.")

What happened to Kimberly?

Unspecified; her last on-screen appearance was at the charity tournament [1].
[1] Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

Were Jason and Kimberly together after the Turbo movie?

Unknown; see "Jason" for discussion.

Which other Rangers did Kimberly meet?

Beyond her teammates Jason, Zack, Billy, Trini, Tommy, Rocky, Adam, and Aisha, she knew Kat fairly well [1]; she also met Tanya and Justin [2]. If she met any others, it wasn't seen or mentioned in-show.
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Did Kimberly marry Skull?

The show never featured a relationship between Kimberly and Skull (aside from their agreement to be friends after she'd hurt his feelings while under a love potion [1]). Reportedly, an early script draft for "Forever Red" would have revealed that they did marry, but this didn't make it into the show (Skull also didn't appear to be wearing a ring in that episode [1]).
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Could Kimberly be Spike's mother?

Spike's mother hasn't been revealed. Fans trying to work a pregnancy into Kim's appearances, however, should probably consult the "Angel Grove High timeline" page.