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Justin circa early-mid Turbo
Justin circa early-mid Turbo
Justin served as the Blue Turbo Ranger.


Justin was apparently well-versed in karate [1] (his dad previously operated a martial arts studio [2]). He was also exceptionally smart (though he sometimes wished he wasn't [3]), earning him an early placement in high school [4]. He once participated in a soapbox derby [5], and he apparently had passable soccer skills [6,7] despite initial reluctance to try the sport [6].
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Nico was one of Justin's friends; they tended to play sports together [1,2]. After discovering the Phantom Ranger's ship in the woods, Nico was once captured by Divatox's forces but rescued by the Phantom (whom he regarded as a "good alien") and the Turbo Rangers [3].
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Reggie and Juniorimage.png

Reggie and Junior were two high school bullies who briefly harassed Justin [1].
[1] Alarmed and Dangerous

Wishing coinimage.png

Justin's "lucky coin," given to him by his dad years prior, was stolen and turned into a wishing coin by Wicked Wisher [1]. Divatox accidentally lost it [1], but Bulk and Skull returned it to Blue Ranger Justin [2], and he wished Blue Senturion good again [2] (reversing Divatox's prior wish [1]). Justin later gave the coin to Blue Senturion before the officer's departure for Eltar [3].
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Justin's dad
Justin's dad

Justin's dad was absent for part of the Turbo series (see discussion below) [1], but he later joined his son in Angel Grove [2].
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Turbo movie

Justin in Turbo movie
Justin in Turbo movie
Apparently friends with the Ranger teens, Justin was visiting Rocky in the hospital (following Rocky's back injury) when he discovered the Rangers' identities; he was then selected as the Blue Turbo Ranger to join the team on their mission to Muiranthias, where they defeated Maligore and rescued Lerigot's family, Jason, Kimberly, Bulk, and Skull [1]. Tommy, Adam, and Jason then won a martial arts tournament, saving the shelter where Justin lived [1].
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Turbo series

Justin circa late Turbo
Justin circa late Turbo
Shortly before the teens' graduation, Justin took a placement test [1] which allowed him to skip ahead to his freshman year at Angel Grove High [2]; also around this time, Rocky had declined to reclaim his powers [1]. Justin's dad later visited him at a surprise birthday party the teens and Lt. Stone prepared [3].
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Not long after Justin's teammates had been replaced with new teens T.J., Carlos, Ashley, and Cassie [1] (Justin had previously known Carlos and Ashley [2]), Storm Blaster arrived and allied with Justin [3]. In time, Justin was joined by his dad in Angel Grove [4]; when his dad was offered a new job elsewhere, Justin chose to leave with his dad rather than ask his dad to stay in Angel Grove [5].
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In Space

Justin in "True Blue to the Rescue"
Justin in "True Blue to the Rescue"
Some time after the debut of the Space Rangers, Justin was living with his dad when Storm Blaster arrived and repowered him as the Blue Turbo Ranger [1]. After helping the Space Rangers, they traveled off-world to free Lightning Cruiser, and Justin then returned home [1].
[1] True Blue to the Rescue


What was Justin's last name?

Stewart [1].
[1] Rally Ranger, Alarmed and Dangerous

Was there an official spelling for "Stewart?"

It appeared as such in the script for "Bicycle Built for the Blues"; that spelling is reiterated on the official Power Rangers website.

What was Justin's ancestry?

Unspecified, except that in real life, the surname Stewart has English and Scottish origins.

How old was Justin?

Unspecified, except that his placement at Angel Grove High was regarded as surprising (Mr. Caplan considered him "a prodigy"), and Justin cracked that he wasn't even "tall enough to reach the lockers" [1]. Compare this with the fact that in real life, many students start high school at age 14 (some at 13). Note that Justin had a birthday relatively early in Turbo [2], but we don't know which birthday it was. (His real-life actor turned 12 around this time.)
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Was Justin native to Angel Grove?

Unspecified, beyond his presence in Angel Grove when he debuted [1].
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Why was Justin all mopey when we first saw him in the Turbo movie?

As Kat explained, Justin was taking the possible closing of the children's shelter "pretty hard": first he'd lost his mother, and then he had to face losing the shelter [1].
[1] Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

So where was his dad at this point?

Justin told Kat he guessed his dad was still "up north"; he'd had to close down his martial arts studio after Justin's mom died, having been unable to focus [1]. Kat reassured Justin that his dad would eventually find whatever was missing inside him, but that he needed a little time; Justin looked forward to that, noting that they could then be a family again [1].
[1] Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

How long does it take to close a karate studio??

We don't know he was closing the studio all this time, just that the closing of the studio was apparently somehow related to his absence (was he on another job?). Note that this also apparently wasn't the first time Justin's dad left; when Justin was years younger (as seen in flashback), his dad gave him his lucky coin while "away on [a] job" [2].
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But, wait, how long ago did Justin's mother die?
Unspecified, unless you interpret Kat's concurrent mention of losing his mother and his shelter (above) as an indication that her death was recent.

Why did his dad have to leave Justin at a shelter? Why not bring him along?

Unspecified; we don't have any idea what Justin's dad was doing "up north," except that Carlos was sure his dad wished he could be with Justin [1]. He did appear for Justin's birthday, which he said he wouldn't have missed for the world [2]; then we didn't see him again for a while.
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Do children's shelters watch kids for months on end while their parents are busy doing other things?
In real life, most shelters appear to be for children removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect, or for children in foster care, but shelters that accept voluntary admissions aren't unheard of (though a fee may be involved). As to the time frame, note that we don't know how long Justin was actually living at the shelter (see discussion below).

Why couldn't Justin have stayed with relatives?
No other relatives were mentioned in-show.

Under what circumstances did his dad come back?

Upon surprising Justin with his return (a tote bag in hand), his dad explained he'd gotten a new job; Justin was disappointed that he'd have to leave again, but his dad revealed that the job was in Angel Grove and that he was here to stay [1].
[1] The Gardener of Evil

Where was Justin living all that time his dad was gone?

Unspecified. He appeared to spend at least some of his time in some sort of garage.

Uhh, wait, what?

Justin and Tommy in garage
Justin and Tommy in garage
A garage bearing the name "Angel Grove Racing Technologies" (with an "Open" sign on the door [2,4], and apparently near a Corvette shop [4]) was seen on a few occasions in early Turbo (during which time Tommy was racing stock cars [1]):
  • Tommy and Justin once worked on a stock car in the garage (its engine blew up due to a sticky accelerator) [2]. Both noticed things had been disappearing from the garage in the past couple of weeks, including one of Justin's CDs, his basketball, a karate trophy, a CD player, and Tommy's sunglasses and skateboard (all had been taken by Lt. Stone's chimps) [2].
  • Justin rebuilt his soapbox racer in the garage [3]. Though Tommy gave him a pep talk there, Justin was apparently alone as he worked; the four teens found him asleep in the garage the next morning, and Tommy figured he'd been working on his racer all night [3].
  • The teens and Lt. Stone prepared a surprise birthday party for Justin in the garage; Tommy wouldn't let Justin come in early, even though Justin said he was expecting a call from his dad [4]. Later, during the party, Mr. Stewart came down from an upstairs area to surprise Justin [4].
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So whose garage was it?

Unspecified, though the Angel Grove Racing Technologies logo also appeared on jackets and at least one stock car used by Tommy's uncle's stock car crew [1]. Also, Tommy once described it as "our garage" while he and Justin were looking for their lost belongings [2]. Perhaps cryptically, Justin said of his overnight racer repair, "I got permission to work on it all night," but it was never specified whose permission he'd obtained (apparently not Tommy's?) [3].
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Did Tommy live there?

Unsure. Some of his personal belongings were there, anyway [1].
[1] Shadow Rangers

Did Justin usually spend nights alone there?

Unknown, but the teens didn't mention his spending the night there as being anything noteworthy, and Tommy didn't sound sure of what Justin had been doing all night [1].
[1] Rally Ranger

That's... kind of odd.

Next question?

What happened to the garage?

Unknown. It didn't appear again after the birthday party in "Bicycle Built for the Blues."

What was Justin's relationship to the teens before he became a Ranger?

It wasn't specified expressly, but Kat and Tanya appeared to be chaperons as Justin and his fellow shelter kids took a bus to visit Tommy, Rocky, and Adam as they prepared for the charity tournament which held the key to the shelter's continued operation [1]. Justin apparently knew each of the teens personally, and he and the other kids were troubled to see Rocky injured [1].
[1] Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

Why did Justin hide under Rocky's hospital bed?

Unknown. He came into the room and whispered Rocky's name as it appeared he was sleeping, and then he scrambled under the bed when he heard the other teens coming [1].
[1] Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

Why was Justin chosen to replace Rocky as the Blue Ranger?

His selection wasn't quite explained, but see "Rocky" for discussion.

What did the other Rangers think of Justin?

All four acted protective toward him and seemed to want him to be happy (particularly Kat) [1]. Kat went so far as to call Justin "the most honest kid [she'd] ever met" [2].
The only times the Ranger teens appeared unhappy with Justin were as follows:
  • When Justin showed up in Mountain Blaster and declared, "Guys, I'm the new Blue Ranger! Isn't that cool or what?", Tanya looked away in disbelief; she then grunted unhappily after he noted, "Good thing you don't need a license to drive a Zord" [3].
  • Tommy glared at Justin for facing the wrong way during their morph preparation on Muiranthias [3].
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How was it that Justin had an adult body while he was morphed?

He just did. When he activated his Morpher, his morph sequence showed him suiting up and then growing to adult size [1]. (A possible exception to this morph-grow order might have occurred when the Blue Shadow Ranger was created [2].)
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What happened with the Blue Shadow Ranger incident?

When the Chromite drained Adam, Tanya, and Kat's powers, we first saw part of Adam's customary morph sequence, wherein he was suited up sans-helmet; we then cut away (before the helmet-forming part of the morph was shown), and a close-up of Adam's legs showed his suit's colors draining away to form his Shadow Ranger counterpart behind him (he then demorphed) [1]. (Tanya and Kat's counterparts arose without morph sequences shown.) Note that the Shadow Rangers had gray helmets, for whatever that's worth.
[1] Shadow Rangersimage.png

What does that have to do with Justin?

Well, the same process applied to Justin: the drain hit him as his suit appeared during his morph sequence but before his helmet had formed (and before he had been shown growing, naturally) [1]. When the Blue Shadow Ranger appeared nearby, we saw a waist-down shot of morphed (and adult-sized!) Justin as his colors drained away; he then demorphed into his child-sized form [1]. The question, therefore, is what did Justin's head look like off-camera while his Shadow Ranger was forming? If he had a helmet, why did his Shadow Ranger have a gray helmet? (Admittedly, the Shadow Rangers' appearance wasn't discussed in dialog.) If he didn't have a helmet... um... that would have looked weird.
[1] Shadow Rangersimage.png

What happened when Justin took off his helmet?

He was shown morphed with his helmet off a number of times [1], but he was never shown actually removing it or putting it on: he was always shown as either a kid, a kid in a small-sized Ranger suit sans-helmet [1], or an adult-sized Ranger with a helmet but Justin's voice [2].
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Did the public at large know the Blue Turbo Ranger was a child?

Perhaps not: Bulk and Skull once teased Justin for being too small to be a Ranger (or dress up as one for their monster tours) [1]. Further, no civilians who spoke with the Blue Ranger reacted to his childlike voice, including the following:
  • Mr. Peabody (prop director for Adam's stunt show) [2]
  • people at Kat's ballet audition [3]
  • chimps and Lt. Stone [4]
  • chimps again [5]
  • Cassie and T.J. (before becoming Rangers) [6]
  • people outside a bank [7]
  • Bulk and Skull [8]
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There was one possible exception, however: when Justin's friend Nico was with the Rangers as they learned the Phantom Ranger's ship was safe, Blue Ranger Justin exclaimed, "Yeah!", prompting Nico to look him over curiously; Justin then corrected himself: "I mean, good job" [1]. (Curiously, however, Red Ranger T.J. had also exclaimed, "Yeah!" at the same time, yet it was Blue who attracted Nico's attention [1].)
[1] The Phantom Phenomenon

Why was Justin taking a placement test in "Shift into Turbo?"

Adam explained at the time, "They've gotta figure out what grade he fits in for his new school" [1]. Kat felt bad for Justin, figuring he'd probably fallen behind the other kids from "moving around so much" [1].
[1] Shift into Turbo, part 1

Um, so he'd just moved to Angel Grove?

Seems that way.



How many grades did Justin skip?

Unknown, but see the question above about Justin's age.

Did Justin attend high school during the summer?

Hard to say; see "Angel Grove High" for discussion.

What sort of "practice" was Justin supposed to be attending when he showed up early to his birthday party?

Unspecified [1], but he apparently didn't get interested in soccer until much later [2].
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[2] Trouble by the Slice

When Justin pulled out his key when confronted by Reggie and Junior in "Alarmed and Dangerous," what was he planning on doing exactly?

Well, unless the Turbo Morpher keys had some other power we didn't see on-screen (he wasn't trying to open a dimensional seal, so far as we know), one might reasonably conclude he was considering morphing, notwithstanding that this would have revealed his identity at school [1].
[1] Alarmed and Dangerous

Why did Justin run away from Reggie and Junior? He could beat up Putrapods and Piranhatrons.

Unspecified [1]. At one point, he did dodge Reggie's punch, get on top of him, and ready a punch of his own, but he paused and said he didn't want to fight before running away [1]. Take from that what you will.
[1] Alarmed and Dangerous

Did Reggie see Justin teleport?

Though Justin did teleport mid-fall not far from him, he didn't make mention of the teleportation in dialog, nor did he seem to make any reaction to it other than checking the branch which fell beside him; both he and Junior then left the area [1]. Justin later told Kat he was "pretty sure" they hadn't seen him (however he might have known that) [1].
[1] Alarmed and Dangerous

Did Justin get scolded for teleporting just to get away from bullies?

Kat sort of scolded him, yes [1]. He admitted he knew not to use his powers "for personal gain," and she told him he was "way too smart" not to be able to figure out how to get through to the bullies [1].
[1] Alarmed and Dangerous

Why wouldn't Justin tell the others about the Phantom Ranger at first?

He'd previously promised (make that "triple-duty promise[d]") his friend Nico, as they ventured into the woods, that he wouldn't tell anyone what Nico was going to show him; the subject of his interest turned out to be the Phantom's ship [1]. True to his word, Justin refrained from discussing the ship as the others wondered how the Phantom had arrived, even though Ashley noted promises could be broken with enough reason [1].
[1] The Phantom Phenomenon

Justin turned a "freeze key" capable of freezing the sun into a popsicle maker??

Yes, he was said to have "rewired it"; Lt. Stone said he'd never seen such a fast freezer [1].
[1] When Time Freezes Over

What type of coin was Justin's lucky coin?

Lucky coin (blended with Justin's image)
Lucky coin (blended with Justin's image)
Lucky coin (reverse)
Lucky coin (reverse)

Its visible features [1] seemed to match Spanish New World coins (the "pillars and waves" type) minted beginning in 1651, though it would appear to be too new to be such an antique (was it a replica?). The type wasn't mentioned in dialog, but the obverse, "pillar" side was seen on a "Have You Seen Me?" sign erected during the villains' search for the coin [2].
[1] Beware the Third Wish
[2] The Gardener of Evil

What happened to the coin?

It was last seen in Blue Senturion's possession [1] (see his page for details).
[1] Chase into Space, part 1

Where did Justin and his dad move to?

Unrevealed. We don't know for sure that they even left Angel Grove.

But his dad got a new job outside of Angel Grove, right?

It wasn't stated outright. After going on an important interview, he received an offer for a job that would have required him to leave Angel Grove, but he told Justin he hadn't accepted yet, saying, "I won't leave unless you come with me," adding Justin was more important than any job [1]. Justin's fondness of his friends and Angel Grove made his dad decide to stay, but Justin wanted to more before his dad decided [1]. Later, Justin declined to join the others in their mission into space (Cassie figured he wanted to "stay with his dad") [2].
[1] Chase into Space, part 1
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So maybe they didn't move?

Well, it should be noted that they did appear to live in a different house at the very least (though it wasn't mentioned in dialog) [1]. Further, Justin apparently hadn't seen his former teammates for a while when Storm Blaster visited him [2].
[1] Chase into Space, part 1 vs. True Blue to the Rescue
[2] True Blue to the Rescue

What happened to Justin?

He was last seen living with his dad [1].
[1] True Blue to the Rescue

How many times did Justin's dad flake out on him?

A few times, but he may have straightened up eventually:
  • He was "up north" closing down his studio and collecting himself for some time [1].
  • He visited Justin for his birthday [2] but then wasn't seen for a while.
  • He got a job in Angel Grove [3]; when offered another job outside of Angel Grove, he intended not to leave without Justin (!) [4].
  • He nearly postponed his Saturday plans with Justin, being "really far behind at the office," but he changed his mind upon seeing another father and son with fishing gear [5].
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Did Justin keep his powers?

Perhaps. When Justin got in Storm Blaster to return to Earth, he was still wearing his Turbo Morpher, and he told the Rangers, "If you ever need me again, I'm always here" [1]. However, he didn't appear to be wearing his Morpher when he returned to his house [1].
[1] True Blue to the Rescue

Was Justin's identity revealed when his former friends were outed as Space Rangers?

We don't know, insofar as Justin wasn't seen or mentioned after the middle of In Space. Although the media might have had reason to interview Justin about his Ranger friends, note the following:
  • The general public would seem to have had little reason to suspect a younger boy of being a Power Ranger, given that no Rangers were publicly seen to be child-sized.
  • Enough Space Rangers (four teens plus Zhane and possibly Andros) were outed to cover all of the Turbo Ranger slots [1].
  • We don't know whether the general public thought of the Turbo and Space teams as being the same people (see "Angel Grove" for further discussion).
  • Given that Justin may have moved away from Angel Grove by this time (see discussion above), other classmates who still lived nearby might have received greater attention instead.
[1] Countdown to Destruction, part 2

Which other Rangers did Justin meet?

Beyond his teammates Tommy, Adam, Tanya, Kat, T.J., Carlos, Ashley, and Cassie, Justin apparently knew Rocky well [1]; he also met Jason [1], Kimberly [1], the Phantom Ranger [2], and Andros [3]. If he met any others, it wasn't seen or mentioned in-show.
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