Jason circa Zeo
Jason circa Zeo
Jason was a martial artist who served as the Red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger; he later returned to serve as the Gold Ranger alongside the Zeo Rangers.


Jason was an experienced martial artist, teaching a number of classes in the Youth Center [1].
[1] Day of the Dumpster, et al.


  • Parents (see below)
  • Jeremy (cousin; see below)






MMPR season 1

Jason circa season 1
Jason circa season 1

After being recruited by Zordon as a Mighty Morphin Power Ranger, Jason battled Rita's forces as the Red Ranger while attending Angel Grove High [1].
[1] Day of the Dumpster, Teamwork, et al.

MMPR season 2

Jason circa season 2
Jason circa season 2




Turbo movie

Jason going nuts
Jason going nuts
Jason and Kimberly were scuba diving together when they were captured by Divatox's forces; kept in the bilge of her subcraft with Bulk and Skull, they broke out after the ship had entered the Nemesis Triangle, but Jason was trapped inside [1]. He and Kimberly were later reunited at the Serpent's Temple, where Divatox lowered them into Maligore's pit as sacrifices; now evil, they fought the Turbo Rangers until being turned good by the Liarians [1]. The Liarians and four humans reunited outside and were taken aboard the Turbo Megazord [1]. Later, Jason took the place of the injured Rocky in a martial arts tournament to save Justin's shelter [1].
[1] Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

Wild Force

Jason in "Forever Red"
Jason in "Forever Red"
Jason later served as the Red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger in Tommy's mission to stop General Venjix and Serpentera [1]. (Some would argue he was condescending toward the newest Red Ranger, Cole.)
[1] Forever Red


What was Jason's last name?

He was introduced in a karate tournament as "Jason Lee Scott" (or perhaps "Lee-Scott") [1]. On a news report, however, his name was given as "Jason Lee" [2].
[1] Missing Green
[2] The Power Transfer, part 1

So was his last name Lee, Scott, or Lee-Scott?

Up to you, though the official Power Rangers website lists his name as "Jason Lee Scott" (no hyphen).

What was Jason's ancestry?

Unspecified; Lee can be an English, Chinese, or Korean surname in real life, while Scott is English or Scottish.

Was Jason native to Angel Grove?


Was Jason training all four of the other teens in karate before he became a Ranger?

This was unspecified aside from the class Billy attended [1], but see the others' respective pages (Zack, Trini, and Kimberly) for more details.
[1] Day of the Dumpster

Why did Jason leave originally?


Where was Jason before he came back to be the Gold Ranger?


Why did Jason lose the Gold Ranger powers?


What happened to Jason's girlfriend Emily?

See "Youth Center" for details.

How did Jason end up with Kimberly in the Turbo movie?

Unspecified, but see "Kimberly" for discussion.

"Now I'm the one with the muscles and the power"...? Wha?

Yeah, dunno. That's evil Jason for you [1].
[1] Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

Did being a sacrifice to Maligore have any lingering effects on Jason?

He seemed fairly normal after the Liarians used sparkles on him: we subsequently saw him in and out of the temple, in the Megazord cockpit and Power Chamber, and at the charity tournament [1]. He later returned in "Forever Red," though some would say he was notably cocky at that point (see below).
[1] Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

Where did Jason go after the Turbo movie?


Were Jason and Kimberly together after the Turbo movie?

Unknown, but note that Jason much later teasingly spoke of Tommy "kissing on Kimberly" in the Juice Bar while he (Jason) did all the work [1].
[1] Forever Red

Why didn't he attend Angel Grove High's graduation ceremony with the others?

Unknown; he was shown attending Angel Grove High during late Zeo [1], but we don't know what he was up to circa the Turbo movie (such as whether he moved away from Angel Grove).
[1] ?

How did Jason get his powers back in "Forever Red?"


Why was Jason a cocky jerkwad in "Forever Red?"

Unknown, though this appraisal of his character would tend to be subjective in nature. Some or all of the following lines (or none!) might be regarded as cocky:
  • (smiling, after showing up last) "You guys weren't gonna do this without me, were you?"
  • (to Cole) "So you must be the new guy." (apparently doesn't shake Cole's hand when offered)
  • (smiling, to Tommy) "You didn't think I was gonna let you do this without the original Red Ranger, did you?"
  • (to General Venjix) "You know, if you miss King Mondo that much, I promise we can help you join him."
  • (to Cole, in battle) "Not bad. Hang back, rookie, and let me show you how it's done!"
  • (to Cole, after knocking Venjix back) "Go for it, newbie!"
  • (after Cole hits Venjix with a ground blast) "Still number one!"
  • (after Cole destroys Serpentera) "I gotta admit, you did well, rookie."
  • (as all begin to riff on Tommy) "I was the one doing all the work while he was in the Juice Bar kissing on Kimberly."

Note that the script twice used a heading of "(cocky)" to instruct the actor on the delivery of his lines (this applied to the first and third items above).

He didn't even shake Cole's hand? That's pretty cold.

Well, to be fair, he at least patted Cole's arm and said, "Good," with a smile before moving on [1]. It didn't appear he shook Cole's hand, but we couldn't see for sure from the camera angle at the time (we saw a close-up of the hand extension, followed by a mere shoulder pat from a medium shot behind Cole) [1].
[1] Forever Red

Since when did Jason start calling new Rangers "rookie" and "newbie?"

Unknown; that was the first time he did so on-screen.

How did he act around other rookies before then?

Well, he didn't exactly meet any others (Tommy's switch from evil [1] doesn't count, right?) [1]. It could be noted that when Rocky expressed insecurity about Jason's return as the Gold Ranger, Jason told him, "Look, man, you should know that I'm your friend, and that [laughing] I'm just glad I'm on your team" [2]. As it turned out, Rocky soon invited everyone for juice and jokingly volunteered that "the new guy" (Jason) was buying [2].
[1] Green with Evil
[2] Mondo's Last Stand

Was Jason talking about Wes and Eric when he said he knew some of the Red Rangers "more than others?"

He was passing by them and clearly looking at them when he said this (the whole line was, "I recognize some of you guys... some of you a little more than others") [1]. It's not known exactly how he would have previously met Wes and Eric, but note that the script described him as "regarding Wes & Eric" as he was to say, "Some better than others."
[1] Forever Red

Which other Red Rangers did he know?

Tommy, obviously. He appeared to be looking toward Carter and Andros (or perhaps just Carter) as he began his above line about recognizing some of them [1]. He was apparently meeting Cole for the first time, and he passed by T.J. without comment [1]. Whether he knew Leo is unrevealed, but he did technically fight alongside Aurico on one prior occasion [2].
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Which other Rangers did Jason meet?

Beyond the Red Rangers listed above and his teammates Zack, Billy, Trini, Kimberly, Tommy, Rocky, Adam, Kat, and Tanya, Jason also met Aisha [1], the Alien Rangers [2], Trey [3], and Justin [4]. If he met any others, it wasn't seen or mentioned in-show.
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What happened to Jason?