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Divatox in the Turbo movie
Divatox in the Turbo movie
Divatox (pronounced "DEE-va-tox" or "dee-va-TOX") was a space pirate who led attacks on the Turbo Rangers after an initial attempt to wed Maligore.

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  • Divatox could teleport [1].
  • Her tongue could stretch at least several feet [2]. She once caused a lunar bat to transform into a monster by licking it [3].
  • She could shoot lasers from her eyes [4]; these eyebeams once turned a Piranhatron into a donkey [5], while a different blast (reflected back at her) jolted her out of a bout of temporary amnesia [5].
  • She appeared to have at least passable martial arts ability [6] and a high degree of strength (easily defeating self-professed arm-wrestling champion Elgar) [7].
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Divatox once threw a curved blade which was hidden in her left-hand gauntlet [1].
[1] Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie


Divatox once summoned an evil-looking car for Elgar to use against Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster (he lost) [1]. A second, flying car (or a modified version of the first one) later debuted to make use of stolen booster fuel (after the fuel ran out, Porto intended to make more of his own) [2]; this second design reappeared on two subsequent occasions [3]. (Also note the use of a pink and white flying convertible used with the Diva Zord [4].)
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Note that Elgar referred to himself as Divatox's "favorite nephew" [1]. Also, the possibility exists that Divatox's villainous relatives weren't related to her by blood (see question about Dimitria).
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Mama D

"Mama D"
"Mama D"

"Mama D," as she was called, was said to be Divatox's mother [1].
[1] Passing the Torch


Turbo movie

Intending to release and marry Maligore, Divatox pursued Lerigot to Earth; there, she held Lerigot's family and former Power Rangers Jason and Kimberly as ransom to force Lerigot to surrender himself and allow her subcraft passage to Muiranthias [1]. There, she used Jason and Kimberly as sacrifices to Maligore but substituted Elgar when Jason and Kim began to turn good [1]. Following Maligore's defeat, she swore revenge on the Rangers and fled the erupting island with Rygog [1].
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Turbo series

Divatox circa early Turbo
Divatox circa early Turbo
Some time later on an alien planet, Divatox addressed an army of Piranhatrons, swearing revenge upon the Rangers [1]; she then selected Rygog, Porto, and Elgar for the journey to Earth [1]. Once there, the subcraft descended under the surface of what may have been Angel Grove Lake (see "Subcraft" for discussion) [1].
[1] Shift into Turbo, part 1

Following a foiled plot to destroy a power plant during the Rangers' graduation [1,2], Divatox noticed a wormhole to Eltar ("only one intergalactic being on Earth," she figured, had reason to go to Eltar) [2]. While subsequently planning an attack on Angel Grove (Rygog noted the Earth would soon be "totally defenseless"), Divatox spied Dimitria en route and sought to close the wormhole; this plot, too, was foiled, and Divatox was later enraged to learn of Dimitria's arrival [3]. She continued with a series of unsuccessful monster and detonator attacks [4] (and at one point sent her ex-fiancé Pharaoh to his doom [5]).
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When the Blue Senturion crashed on Earth, Divatox's crew captured and reprogrammed him to fight the Rangers (he got better); they also viewed his millennium message, the contents of which eluded the Rangers [1]. What Divatox did with this knowledge of the future isn't entirely clear (see questions below). Her attacks continued [2], at one point involving an attack on Tommy (an idea given to her by Mama D) [3]. During a teleporter mishap, she was left with temporary amnesia in Angel Grove and briefly worked at a pizza parlor [4].
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General Havoc later brought Divatox a space base, where she promptly docked her subcraft [1] (it remained here for the rest of her attacks on Earth [2]). After Havoc obtained both the Turbo Megazord [1] and the Phantom Ranger's Power Ruby [3], Divatox combined both to attack the Rangers (but lost both) [4]. Porto later unleashed a series of evil Zords [5].
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In Space

Divatox circa late Turbo and beyond
Divatox circa late Turbo and beyond



Was there an official spelling for "Divatox?"

Opening credits, for one.

What about "Mama D?"

It didn't appear in writing in-show.

What do we know of Divatox's childhood?

Divatox referred to "Mama D," a Medusa-like apparition, as her mother (and Mama D in turn described Divatox as her daughter) [1]. After Divatox had incurred a number of failures against the Turbo Rangers (if that has any bearing), Mama D complained [1]:
"Our family name has always been legendary among the other pirates in deepest space. We ruled supreme. Then you came along. Now our peers no longer think of you as a witch! They think of you as a wimp!"
[1] Passing the Torch, part 1

Also note:
  • Mama D scoffed when Divatox asked for advice, "Like you ever listened to me!" [1].
  • Mama D later berated Divatox, "Ever since you were a little kid, always messing things up!" [2].
  • At an earlier point, Divatox wouldn't let her henchmen celebrate birthdays, never having received "so much as a card or a gift" herself [3].
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Why did Divatox once say she didn't have a family? She had a mother, brother, and nephew.

Note that she may have even had more than one nephew: Elgar called himself her "favorite nephew," for whatever that's worth [1]. Anyway, after lamenting, "Nobody cares about me; I don't even have a family," she did grudgingly acknowledge Elgar [2], but it's uncertain why she wouldn't have mentioned more relatives. (In real life, her remark about not having a family apparently came during her planned kinship to Dimitria, while Mama D's appearance may have followed the abandonment of that plot thread.)
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Could Mama D have been imaginary?

Apparently not, insofar as Tommy and Rygog reacted to her presence in a cave (Tommy insulted her appearance) [1].
[1] Passing the Torch, part 2

What do we know about Divatox's later life?

  • During her Maligore plan, Elgar suggested they "go back to looting and pillaging" [1]; various treasures were also seen lying around in the subcraft [2].
  • Once the super-fast monster Demon Racer had dashed around the subcraft and left with a detonator, Divatox remarked, "Just like all the rest of the men in my life" [3].
  • After noting of the Phantom Ranger (with whom she didn't appear to be familiar), "When you don't want him, he's all over you like a sunburn," and, "When you do want him, he's shy," she grinned and remarked, "I like that in a man" [4].
  • Pharaoh (see below) was said to have "left her at the altar" ("like Maligore," Porto noted) [5].
  • Presenting a space base Divatox had requested a century prior, General Havoc noted that from her balcony she would "have a view of any world [she'd] like to conquer" [6].
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Why did Divatox seem to dislike General Havoc?

Unspecified, but she considered following Havoc's initial victory, "Maybe my brother's not so bad after all" [1]. Still, she subsequently stuck out her tongue in apparent revulsion while giving him a celebratory hug [1].
[1] The Darkest Day

Who was this "Pharaoh" character that Divatox was once engaged to?

See "Pharaoh" for details about him. The only specifics we know about their past are as follows [1]:
  • Porto mentioned that Divatox's "first failed engagement" was to Pharaoh.
  • Noting in modern day that "he still [owed her] one," Divatox planned to use Pharaoh to destroy the Rangers and then "throw him in a trash heap like he did to [her] a thousand years ago."
  • Derisively calling him "lover-boy," she told him she'd "wasted a century in therapy" after he "dumped" her.
  • She grudgingly agreed to recover his staff from the Rangers after he'd lost it, as it left him incapable of guarding the detonator he'd planted, and she admitted she did "hate to see him like this."
  • Following his destruction, Divatox grinned, "Finally, closure!"
[1] Glyph Hanger

Why did Divatox despise Dimitria so much?

Her anxiety upon seeing Dimitria en route to Earth via the wormhole wasn't elaborated upon [1], but note the following:
  • Upon learning Dimitria was coming, Divatox wanted Porto to find a way to close the wormhole [1], even though she had just been celebrating Zordon's imminent departure via said wormhole [1,2].
  • Divatox later noted, "If there's one person in this galaxy I can't stand, it's Dimitria" (italicized name said with mock sweetness) [1]; when Elgar still didn't understand, she elaborated, "Well, she's the embodiment of good, and I'm the embodiment of evil... You do the math!" [1].
  • Divatox finally muttered, "All right, Dimitria, this time it's personal," and noted there wasn't enough room on the planet for both of them (thus, Dimitria would have to be "eliminated") [1].
  • Upon learning that someone was trying to contact Dimitria, Divatox wanted him destroyed, noting, "Any friend of hers is an enemy of mine" [3]; when it was revealed he had an important message for Dimitria, however, she wanted him captured instead, explaining, "If it's important to Dimitria, it's important to me" [3].
  • Captured by Divatox, Visceron rebuffed her inquiry about his information, calling her "the last person [he] would tell" [3].
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Was Divatox Dimitria's long-lost twin sister?

Divatox after transformation
Divatox after transformation
It wasn't specified outright, but one might note any or all of the following as possible clues:
  • In real life, Divatox and Dimitria were played by the same actress (but only during the first portion of Turbo).
  • Divatox referred to Dimitria as "the embodiment of good," while she herself was supposedly "the embodiment of evil" [1].
  • Divatox once complained of not having a family (aside from Elgar) [2].
  • As Divatox was frustrated with the Rangers' presence somewhere, Porto remarked, "This world seems to be chock-full of cruel coincidences" [3].
  • Less than impressed by one of Elgar's responses, Divatox asked, "Are you sure you're related to me?"; Elgar scratched his head and replied, "Uh huh" [4].
  • Divatox was able to impersonate Dimitria's ethereal-sounding voice [5].
  • After Divatox had reportedly found something that had been "missing for eons," Elgar asked, "What is it? Your birth certificate?" [6].
  • Upon being transformed by Zordon's energy wave, Divatox was wearing a white dress matching Dimitria's [7].
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Who was Divatox's father?

We don't know, but when Mama D opened the "Vortex of Eternal Doom and Sorrow," Divatox shuddered and remarked, "I think I hear Pop's voice in there"; Mama D quipped, "He asked for it!" [1].
[1] Passing the Torch, part 2

Was Captain Mutiny her father?

No connection to Captain Mutiny was stated in-show, nor did the Vortex of Eternal Doom and Sorrow (a purple and black swirling vortex with moaning voices within) [1] particularly resemble the Lost Galaxy [2], from what we saw.
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Who wrote Divatox's pirate rulebook?

Unspecified, and the only time it appeared was after Porto's rebellion: Divatox asked Rygog the penalty for going AWOL, and he read from a book which dictated that Porto "walk the plank" (though Porto objected that they were on a submarine) [1].
[1] Rally Ranger

Was Divatox's tongue native to the people of Inqueris?

It's unknown whether Divatox was born with that stretchy tongue, or whether Dimitria shared the trait if they were sisters.
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"Trouble by the Slice" showed Divatox with really long fingernails, but how could they fit in her gloves?

She was seen to have long red toenails [1] and fingernails [2] when her boot and glove were removed on separate occasions; during the former incident, Elgar was giving her a pedicure (one toenail appeared to be trimmed to a sensible length), and she stopped him to demand round toenails rather than square [1]. That said, however, her nails' absurd length wasn't specifically explained or mentioned in dialog.
[1] Rally Ranger
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How could she drink acid (in "Honey, I Shrunk the Rangers")?

Unspecified (and we don't actually know what she was drinking). She merely sipped steaming green liquid from a goblet and then spat it out; as it burned a hole in the floor, she told Porto, "Make me another, and this time make it strong!" [1].
[1] Honey, I Shrunk the Rangers, part 1

How was she immune to Clockster's speeding up and reversal of time?

Unspecified [1]; did Clockster intentionally exclude her, or was it just a power of hers? (Note that people inside the Power Chamber were likewise immune, but when time stopped as Clockster touched the freeze key, Divatox froze as well, while those inside the Power Chamber did not [1].)
[1] When Time Freezes Over

With all of Divatox's unusual abilities, she wore something as mundane as contact lenses?

Seems that way: she dropped one from her eye in her closet, and the shrunken Rangers hid it from her [1].
[1] Honey, I Shrunk the Rangers, part 2

Why did they hide it? Wouldn't that make her search the closet more thoroughly and find them instead?

Next question.

Why was part of Divatox's face covered up?

Unspecified, though upon Maligore's defeat, Divatox wailed, "My plan! The money! The jewels!"; she then clutched her cheeks and groaned, "The plastic surgery" [1]. (Whether plastic surgery had anything to do with her mask was unspecified.) After being transformed by Zordon's energy wave, Divatox no longer wore a mask (her face appeared normal) [2]. Note that in real life, any secret relationship between Dimitria and Divatox might not have been much of a secret without masks involved.
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Why did Divatox look different for a while during Turbo?

Carol's Divatox
Carol's Divatox
She was played by a different actress for a while (Carol Hoyt temporarily replaced Hilary Shepard Turner) [1]. No mention was made in-show (see "Actor switch").
[1] Shift into Turbo through When Time Freezes Over

Her, um, costume also changed after the Turbo movie, didn't it?

Yes, it was less revealing after the movie. Not surprisingly, this wasn't mentioned in-show either.

Did Divatox get plastic surgery?

Her plans as such weren't mentioned again after they were foiled in the movie [1].
[1] Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

Why was Carol's Divatox more collected and Hilary's more manic?

If there was any distinct difference between the actresses' performances, it wasn't mentioned in-show.

Why did Divatox want to release Maligore?

She planned to marry him and use his power to "raid all the riches of the universe"; Zordon noted the Zords (Zeo Zords?) wouldn't be enough to stop them once they joined forces [1]. She referred to him as her "fiancé," her "husband-to-be," and her "betrothed" [1]. We don't know Maligore's intentions on the matter (see "Maligore" for further discussion).
[1] Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

Was she planning to double-cross him and steal his powers or anything?

Nothing of the sort was mentioned. In fact, Divatox told Maligore she was his "one and only true soulmate," and she planned for them to do all their entertaining in the Serpent's Temple (though she noted the lava would have to go) [1].
[1] Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

Had she seen Maligore before?

It's hard to say. She told him to arise and meet his bride (speaking of herself) and acted nervous upon seeing him, but she then chuckled that he looked great and hadn't changed a bit [1]. She appeared not to be familiar with the temple from which he was released (or at least not the interior) [1].
[1] Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

How did Divatox know Rita?

Unstated. She simply phoned Rita and said, "Hi, Rita? 'D' here. Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you. I forgot about the time change. Now listen, I know you had some experience in this matter. I need your advice: how do I get rid of the Power Rangers?"; Rita laughed and advised her to run [1].
[1] Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

Did Divatox capture Ninjor?

Not as stated in dialog, but see discussion at "Subcraft and space base."

Why did Divatox attack Earth during the Turbo series?

Immediately after Maligore's defeat, Divatox swore the Rangers would "pay for this one day," as she never accepted defeat (though she did flee from the volcano) [1]. Later addressing her forces on another planet, she declared, "You all know the reason we are here. The ruination of my plans to dominate the universe must be avenged! The Power Rangers will pay dearly! Their beloved Earth will become mine!" [2]. Elgar noted at the time that he couldn't remember when he'd seen her this mad [2].
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Further ambitions apparently included riches:
  • At a later point, Divatox was outraged to see rival villains in the millennium message, declaring nothing would "come between [her] and the riches of the Earth" [1].
  • Later still, one of Divatox's plans involved occupying the Rangers while Rygog and Elgar were sent to steal gems she'd wanted from a museum [2].
  • Divatox found the star chart to Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster in a chest retrieved by Elgar (reportedly from the Salton Sea); she was browsing the treasure within with lukewarm enthusiasm when she came across the chart [3].
  • Dissatisfied with her present wealth (including 860 diamonds, 645 rubies, and 2,000 pounds of gold for a total value of $10 billion, according to Elgar), Divatox sent Rygog and Elgar to steal money from a bank and gold from a mine (both thefts were thwarted by the Phantom Ranger) [4].
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She was also briefly preoccupied with exacting revenge against the Phantom Ranger [1,2] after he'd given the Rangers the Rescue Zords [1], noting he was "now on the tippy-top of [her] long, long list" [1].
[1] One Last Hope
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How did Elgar come up with a total of $10 billion for Divatox's riches?

Well, we can't say for sure how much her diamonds and rubies would have been worth, but in real life, 2,000 pounds of gold would have been worth roughly $10 million (rather than billion) in 1997. But then we don't know what other treasures were included in the total (her accounting began off-screen), and one might also have reason to doubt Elgar's math skills (even though he was using a calculator) [1].
[1] The Phantom Phenomenon

Why did Divatox think robbing a bank would help her measurably if $10 billion was "practically broke?" Banks don't generally keep billions in cash.

Dunno. After that heist failed, she requested "enough gold to sink a ship" [1]. Note that $10 billion of gold, at approximately $320 per ounce, would weigh about 1,000 tons, which would sink certain ferries but few cargo ships (Elgar actually inquired about the type of ship she was referring to, but she didn't answer [1]). Where the villains could be expected to find (or hold) that much gold wasn't specified.
[1] The Phantom Phenomenon

Why did Divatox try to freeze the sun in "When Time Freezes Over?"

Unspecified: when T.J. protested that they would "all freeze" if the villains' mission succeeded, Elgar merely replied, "Things are gonna be cool, that's for sure" [1].
[1] When Time Freezes Over

Did Divatox use Liaria as a base during the Turbo series?

Divatox's planet (why isn't it green?)
Divatox's planet (why isn't it green?)
It's unclear. After her foiled Maligore plot but before her return to Earth, Divatox and her forces were gathered on an alien world [1] where her monsters apparently remained before being summoned [2]. This world's atmosphere had a greenish tint at the surface (rather like Liaria); from space, it appeared identical to Liaria but without Liaria's green tint [1].
[1] Shift into Turbo, part 1
[2] Shift into Turbo, part 3

Why did the Rangers think Divatox had gone "back to her own dimension?"

Unknown. At one point, Rocky asked what had happened to Divatox, and Adam guessed she "went back to wherever she came from" [1]; upon facing her forces again, however, Kat remarked, "Well, I guess the theory that Divatox went back to her own dimension is out" [2]. (Of note, Zordon wasn't shown briefing the teens about Divatox; if he did so, it likely occurred off-camera after her ultimatum to Lerigot [3].)
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How familiar was Divatox with Earth before the Turbo series?

Unknown, but she did make an allusion to Star Trek ("They couldn't find pointy ears at a Star Trek convention!") shortly after arriving for her mission to exact revenge upon the Turbo Rangers [1].
[1] Shift into Turbo, part 2

How often did Divatox leave her subcraft (or space base)?

Beginning with the Muiranthias incident [1], Divatox was seen outside of her subcraft on a number of occasions, both on and off the Earth [2]. Notable occasions include:
  • Eager to get "out of that ship," she and her henchmen were out for a "beach day" (Piranhatrons carried her in a sedan chair) when the Blue Senturion crashed nearby [3].
  • She and her minions tested a teleportation beam on a beach; struck by a ricocheting beam, she was deposited in Angel Grove with amnesia; she worked in a pizza parlor until recovering her memory [4].
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What was the point of Divatox's detonator attacks?

Sometimes there was a stated goal, and other times there wasn't:
  • Divatox had a detonator planted at an energy center to create a blackout in Angel Grove during the teens' graduation [1].
  • Divatox had a detonator planted at a construction site near KAGV; the Chromite sought to capture all of the Rangers to prevent them from stopping the explosion [2]. The only stated intent of this attack was to "see how perky" the Rangers would be afterward [2].
  • Told that Dimitria's friend in space was using the radio station (again, KAGV) as a "homing beacon," Divatox sent Elgar to destroy the station with a detonator, noting she didn't want Dimitria receiving any more calls [3].
  • She had a detonator planted at a soapbox derby track where Justin was racing [4].
  • She sent the Demon Racer to hide a detonator (which he did, inside a drag racer's car), but she was vexed by the monster's destruction; she had Porto send a duplicate Demon Racer he'd made, but she was later irritated to note the detonator had been "deactivated" (actually thrown off a cliff before it exploded) [5].
  • Divatox had a detonator-laden bicycle left for Justin, hoping to leave them with "one less Ranger" once it went off (adding he'd be celebrating his birthday "in pieces across the country"); Big Burpa used a spell to try to prevent him from getting off the bike [6].
  • Planting a detonator at the site of the teens' charity car wash (just outside the Youth Center), Porto giggled over the idea of creating a new "vacant lot" for the teens, and Divatox was pleased that Mouthpiece's deception blaster would keep the Rangers from tracking the detonator [7].
  • After having spoken of using Pharaoh to destroy the Rangers, Divatox sent him to plant a detonator at the stunt show where Adam worked [8]; she then wickedly noted the amusement park would become a "giant crater" and that "children everywhere [would] weep with anguish" [8].
  • While Angel Grove was slowly sinking into the ocean, Divatox sent the culprit, Numbor, to plant a detonator and otherwise keep the Rangers busy [9].
  • Divatox had Piranhatrons sent to Angel Grove to sound false alarms to distract the Rangers from a detonator; when it went off, it turned a fire truck into a monster [10].
  • After sending Piranhatrons to attack Carlos and Ashley (they apparently failed to accomplish whatever Divatox had in mind), Divatox had a detonator planted at a soccer game which the two teens attended; she also sent Electrovolt to keep the Rangers away from the field [11].
  • After spying on an audition attended by Kat and Jenny, Divatox gave Porto an assignment of some sort; he then advised Elgar as he planted a detonator at the audition hall [12] (see further details at millennium message discussion below).
  • Upon learning of Blue Senturion's vulnerability to buzzing, Divatox sent Shrinkasect to plant a detonator without being seen; he was approaching the Youth Center when he lost the can-like detonator to Bulk and Skull [13]. The monster then made Blue Senturion go berserk before shrinking him and the Rangers [13].
  • After a number of episodes without detonator attacks, Divatox sent Rygog to plant a detonator on the Phantom Ranger's ship, apparently in hopes of luring the Phantom out of hiding [14].
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Why did Divatox stop using detonators all of a sudden?

Unspecified; she used one during the Shrinkasect mission [1] and then just didn't anymore [2] (barring one later exception [3]).
[1] Honey, I Shrunk the Rangers
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[3] The Phantom Phenomenon

Where was the "sea cave" where Elgar and Porto transformed Visceron?

Visceron, Elgar, and Porto in "sea cave"
Visceron, Elgar, and Porto in "sea cave"
Unknown [1].
[1] Transmission Impossible

What was the scope of Divatox's future conquests before the Blue Senturion changed history?

Unknown; see "millennium message" for everything we know about the message. Note, however, that we don't know in what way (or, technically, if) the Blue Senturion changed history.

How did Divatox use the millennium message to her advantage?

It isn't clear how she benefited, or whether she even did. Some time after learning of the message (long enough for the teens to note she'd been leaving them alone for a while), she considered it her "lucky day" as she spied on a soccer field where Adam, Carlos, and Ashley were; after an unsuccessful Piranhatron attack on Carlos and Ashley and a foiled detonator attack at the soccer game, she swore she would "never let that millennium message come to pass" [1].
[1] A Drive to Win

After this point, she made no subsequent reference to the message or her knowledge of the future, instead merely fuming over the Rangers' and Blue Senturion's interference ("Everything was fine until he [the Blue Senturion] showed up. There's got to be a way to get rid of them all!") [1].
[1] Honey, I Shrunk the Rangers, part 1

It could be noted, however, that Divatox later said (apparently of her plan to power the stolen Turbo Megazord with the Phantom Ranger's Power Ruby), "I'm going to combine the power of the Rangers with the power of the Phantom and change the course of history forever!" [1]. Whether this is pertinent to the millennium message is your call.
[1] Clash of the Megazords

Was Divatox definitely targeting Carlos and Ashley? Maybe they were just where one or more Rangers were.

After the Piranhatron attack (Adam, Carlos, and Ashley were the only people seen involved in the fight), Adam noted he didn't seem to be their target, leaving the teens to wonder why Divatox would attack strangers ("We're the only ones that are a threat to her plans," Kat mused) [1]. When Divatox later had a detonator planted at the soccer game (which Carlos and Ashley happened to be attending), she expressly sent Elgar and Electrovolt to "lure the Rangers away from the field" [1].
[1] A Drive to Win

Technically, one could make the argument that the detonator attack at the soccer field fit the pattern of other detonator attacks (occupy the Rangers while a detonator counts down somewhere), but her subsequent grumbling about the millennium message would seem to be a bit more puzzling. Also, it's not impossible for Adam to have been wrong about the Piranhatrons targeting Carlos and Ashley (the fight itself was somewhat ambiguous), but then why were they attacking? Why was it Divatox's lucky day?

Did Divatox target Lt. Stone's niece Jenny too?

It's hard to say. After spying on an audition attended by Kat and Jenny (Tanya watched), Divatox gave Porto instructions (the details weren't divulged on-screen), noting she didn't want "a replay of last time" [1] (in the previous episode, her soccer attack had failed). Porto later advised Elgar as he planted a detonator at the audition hall which, as it turned out, would have exploded during Jenny's callback audition, had the Rangers not intervened [1]. Whether this timing was intentional wasn't specified, nor was it even revealed why Divatox was targeting the audition hall.
[1] Cars Attacks

What was Divatox's reaction to the new Turbo team assembled in "Passing the Torch?"

No reaction was shown on-screen. The only comment we got from any of the villains was when Elgar told T.J., "You catch on quick for a new guy" [1].
[1] The Wheel of Fate

What was Divatox trying to do with Tommy when she captured him in "Passing the Torch?"

Tommy dangles over the Vortex of Eternal Doom and Sorrow
Tommy dangles over the Vortex of Eternal Doom and Sorrow
She was reportedly "trying to decide the best way to torture him" (she also noted wanting him to "suffer all the trials and tribulations" he'd allegedly put her through) when Mama D appeared and thought to conjure up the "Vortex of Eternal Doom and Sorrow," which she said wasn't "in use" at the time [1].
[1] Passing the Torch, part 2

What was the Vortex of Eternal Doom and Sorrow, anyway?

We don't know much about it aside from its name. Wailing voices were heard within, one of which Divatox thought was her father's [1]:
Divatox: "I think I recognize Pop's voice in there."
Mama D: "He asked for it!"
[1] Passing the Torch, part 2

It's worth noting that Divatox once mentioned "the Vortex of Eternal Doom" while brainstorming ways to enact revenge on the Phantom Ranger [1].
[1] The Fall of the Phantom

How did Divatox know of Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster?

Unspecified [1].
[1] The Wheel of Fate

Why was Divatox interested in a teleportation beam in "Trouble by the Slice?" Couldn't she and her minions teleport already?

Unspecified, but the beam was apparently intended to teleport distant targets [1]; we don't know whether she or her forces could do that easily. Nonetheless, note that we never saw the teleporter in use after that episode, even though it ended up working to her liking [1].
[1] Trouble by the Slice

What was the significance of Divatox's title of the "queen of evil?"

Unspecified, but Rygog [1], General Havoc [2], and Dark Specter's messenger [3] all used the term. Elgar later noted of Astronema: "They say she'll be the new queen of evil," a prediction Divatox rejected [4]. (Also note that Rita Repulsa was occasionally known as the "empress of evil" [5].)
[1] Trouble by the Slice
[2] The Fall of the Phantom
[3] Chase into Space, part 2
[4] From Out of Nowhere, part 1
[5] The Mutiny, part 1, A Brush with Destiny

Other titles for Divatox included:
  • "pirate queen Divatox" (per General Havoc) [1]
  • "queen pirate of the universe" (per Havoc) [1]
  • "the queen" (per herself) [1]
  • "queen of all evil" (per Havoc) [2]
  • "la Diva" (per herself, as in, "Viva la Diva!") [3]
[1] The Darkest Day
[2] The Fall of the Phantom
[3] One Last Hope, Fire in Your Tank, Little Strong Man, Chase into Space, parts 1 & 2

Did Divatox previously know of the Phantom Ranger?

Apparently not, given her initial skepticism toward Rygog and Elgar's description of a phantom-like entity [1].
[1] The Phantom Phenomenon

On what occasions did Divatox acknowledge Bulk and Skull?

  • Divatox was repulsed by Bulk and Skull as they stood brainwashed in her subcraft (they'd recently crashed into a bait stand), and she demanded alternate sacrifices for Maligore [1].
  • As the chimps caused the villains distress by fiddling with the periscope from afar, Porto noted it was "those two human monkeys again"; the villains then had the following exchange [2]:
Divatox: "Whose brilliant idea was it to turn those two into monkeys?"
Elgar: "Well, gee, I think they look kinda cute that way. Uh, but if you really want to, we could change 'em back."
Divatox: "No, we have bigger fish to try."
  • Seeing Bulk and Skull (now human again) in possession of her third wishing coin, Divatox referred to them as "those two bumbling eggheads" [3].
[1] Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie
[2] Weight and See
[3] The Gardener of Evil

Why did Divatox waste one of two wishes on turning the Blue Senturion evil?

Unspecified, but the idea seemed to please her greatly for some reason [1]. It could be noted that for her second wish, she began (before being interrupted), "I wish that the Power Rangers be for all eternity..." [1].
[1] Beware the Third Wish

Why did she consider wishing for a "new space base?" Her current one was pretty new, wasn't it?

Unknown, but the space base was said to have arrived roughly a century after Divatox's initial request [1], if that has any bearing.
[1] The Darkest Day, The Fall of the Phantom

What happened to Divatox's pet eel?

See "Subcraft and space base."

What happened to the subcraft and the space base?

Unknown, but see "Subcraft and space base" for discussion.

Did Divatox receive any particular acknowledgment for having vanquished the Turbo Rangers?


Did Divatox have Zordon with her all throughout In Space?


Was Divatox involved in the original invasion of KO-35?

Divatox wasn't seen or mentioned, but numerous Piranhatrons were among the invading forces seen in flashback (also see "Suit recycling") [1]. Nothing about her backstory suggests she couldn't have been involved, however, given that the invasion was dated "two years" prior to Zhane's awakening [1] (pre-Turbo, apparently; see "Timeline" for details).
[1] Survival of the Silver

What happened to Divatox after Zordon transformed her?

She didn't appear again after her transformation [1]. Note that Rita and Zedd, who were transformed at the same time, were described as having "succumbed to goodness" (referring to their transformation?) [2].
[1] Countdown to Destruction
[2] Once a Ranger, part 2