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Bulk and Skull were classmates of (and sometimes antagonists toward) various teens who were secretly Power Rangers. They went on to work for Lt. Stone and later Professor Phenomenus. Years later, Bulk mentored Skull's son Spike for a time.


Bulk (left) and Skull (right)
Bulk (left) and Skull (right)
Bulk usually acted as the leader of the original duo.


Skull usually acted as the follower in the original duo. He had a high-pitched laugh.



Years after Bulk and Skull's original antics, Skull's son Spike served for a time as Bulk's samurai pupil [1].
[1] Origins, part 2 through Samurai Forever


Bulk and Skull had experience in the junior police [1], and they eventually became licensed detectives [2]. They appeared to have a penchant for wearing disguises [3].
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Other hobbies and skills are listed individually:


Bulk held a benchpressing record until it was beaten by Jason [1]. He tended to overestimate other abilities, including karate [2], sports [3], dance [4], music [5], and cheerleading [6]. Although still clumsy after agility training with Skull, he earned a spot on the football team at one point [7]. He once mentioned wanting to be a pilot [8]. Bulk was later fascinated by samurai (specifically the Samurai Rangers) [9].
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Unbeknownst to anyone for quite some time, Skull was actually a talented pianist who had been trained since the age of three at Angel Grove Symphony Hall; Adam eventually convinced him to reveal his talent [1]. Skull also seemed to dance well [2]. He once mentioned he'd always wanted to be a gymnast but hated being upside-down [3].
[1] Instrument of Destruction
[2] The Potion Notion
[3] A Different Shade of Pink, part 1


Spike appeared to share Bulk's passion for the ways of the samurai [1], even occasionally reminding Bulk of their duty to fight monsters [2]. Spike was particularly fond of a large stuffed panda he won at an amusement park and made their samurai mascot ("Sammy") [3].
[1] Origins, part 2, et al.
[2] Test of the Leader
[3] Day Off


Doc and One-Eye
Doc and One-Eye
Among Bulk and Skull's ancestors in the year 1880 were outlaws nicknamed "One-Eyed Bulk" and "Doc Skullovitch"; they briefly tried to discover the identity of the "Pink Stranger," as they called the time-traveling Kimberly [1]. Bulk and Skull's other relatives are listed below:
[1] Wild West Rangers


  • Bulk's parents were seen attending Parents' Day [1]. His mother was known to pack lunchboxes for Bulk's detentions [2]; she later (see "Actor switch") picked young Bulk up from the police station while time was turned back [3]. His father reportedly couldn't work a barbecue; the 1993 Bulkmeier family barbecue, Bulk said, was known to firefighters across the country as "the big one" [4].image.png
  • Bulk's aunt loaned Bulk and Skull her taxi, but they had to leave the meter on [5].
  • Bulk's uncle operated a water park named "Splash City" and let the kids' class visit while time was turned back [6].
  • Bulk's cousin Waldo, a student at Angel Grove Tech, designed a "Power Ranger detector" which seemed to detect Power Rangers fairly well despite Bulk and Skull's cluelessness [7].
  • Bulk spoke of his grandmother Lizette while concocting a story about fish-based pies [8].
  • Ben, one of Bulk's ancestors in the late 1700s, helped the time-traveling Ranger teens, who had been accused of being witches and pursued by soldiers; Ben's niece Marissa was Adam's romantic interest, and Adam later met her apparent descendant [9].
  • Spike may or may not have been related to Bulk (see bottom of page).
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[9] Return of the Green Ranger


  • Mr. Caplan (center) with Skull's parents ("Return of an Old Friend")
    Mr. Caplan (center) with Skull's parents ("Return of an Old Friend")
    Skull's parents were seen attending Parents' Day; his mother shared his trademark cackle [1]. His mom (see "Actor switch") also picked young Skull up from the police station while time was turned back, telling Bulk and Skull to stay away from each other [2]. She reportedly started Skull on piano lessons at age three [3]. Skull used his father's workshop on a few occasions [4].
  • Skull's aunt Mille baked fruitcakes [5], and his aunt Shirley sang [6].
  • Skull's cousin "Femur" knew bananas better than anyone he knew; at the time Skull mentioned him, he lived in New Jersey but was away at chess camp [7]. Bulk and Skull's patrol bike also came from Femur, who was going to throw it out [8]. (Femur's name wasn't spelled on-screen, but this page spells it like the thigh-bone for parity with "Skull.")
  • One of Skull's ancestors in the late 1700s was the captain of a group of (apparently British) soldiers who pursued the time-traveling Rangers; after the Green and White Rangers saved the township from rat monsters and Green wished to remain in the past to do some good "for a change," Skull's ancestor offered to let him join his regiment (though he later wondered whether he'd spoken too soon) [9].
  • Spike was Skull's son [10] (see discussion at bottom of page).
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[10] Origins, part 2


MMPR season 1

As classmates of the Ranger teens, Bulk and Skull sometimes antagonized the teens (Bulk sometimes attempting physical violence [1]), but their hijinks frequently ended in their own humiliation instead [2]. They were no strangers to detention during this time [3].
[1] I, Eye Guy, The Trouble with Shellshock, The Rockstar, Calamity Kimberly
[2] Day of the Dumpster, et al.
[3] A Bad Reflection on You, Crystal of Nightmares, Second Chance, Football Season

MMPR season 2

After being rescued by the Power Rangers on one occasion, Bulk and Skull embarked on a mission to discover the Rangers' identities [1]. Unbeknownst to them, their mission led them quite close to the Rangers on a number of occasions [2]; at one point, they actually did learn the Rangers' identities (and helped save the day), but their memories were erased [3].
[1] The Mutiny
[2] The Power Stealer, The Green Dream, Two for One, Scavenger Hunt
[3] When is a Ranger Not a Ranger?

MMPR season 3

Skull, Lt. Stone, and Bulk
Skull, Lt. Stone, and Bulk
Tired of schemes involving the Rangers [1], Bulk and Skull soon enlisted in the Junior Police to impress girls [2]. They subsequently served under Lt. Stone and ended up encountering a number of monsters [3]; they were even captives at Master Vile's "end of the world" party (attended by Rita and Zedd) [4]. Like the Ranger teens, they were turned into children by the Orb of Doom's time regression [5].
[1] A Friend in Need
[2] Ninja Quest
[3] Passing the Lantern, et al.
[4] Master Vile and the Metallic Armor
[5] Rangers in Reverse


As kids (see above), Bulk and Skull were elementary school classmates of the Ranger kids [1], though they only initially knew Billy (the rest had moved to Angel Grove years later) [2]. Bulk was briefly turned into a monster (Bratboy) [3]. The duo became huge fans of the Alien Rangers [4]. Like everyone else, they were later restored to their own ages by the Zeo Crystal [5].
[1] Alien Rangers of Aquitar, Water You Thinking?, et al.
[2] Alien Rangers of Aquitar, part 1
[3] Attack of the 60' Bulk
[4] Water You Thinking?
[5] Hogday Afternoon, part 2


Detectives Bulkmeier and Skullovitch
Detectives Bulkmeier and Skullovitch
Upon encountering Rito and Goldar, Bulk and Skull let the amnesic aliens secretly live with them as personal servants [1]; also around this time, Bulk and Skull began driving a "patrol bike," an old motorcycle with a sidecar [2]. When their antics later cost Lt. Stone his job, Bulk and Skull quit as well, and Stone then hired them as private detectives [3]. In time, Rito and Goldar left, having regained their memories [4]. Later, Bulk and Skull were taken to Gasket's arena but joined with the alien Triter to escape (freeing the Zeo Rangers in the process) [5]. Later, the pair were certified as real detectives and recruited for a "secret mission off the coast of France," resigning from Stone's agency at this time [6].
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[3] Bulk Fiction
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[6] Good as Gold

Turbo movie

Brain-scrambled Bulk and Skull confronted by Malikayas
Brain-scrambled Bulk and Skull confronted by Malikayas
Later, Bulk and Skull worked security jobs, once again under the direction of Lt. Stone [1]. One night, they were beamed up into Divatox's subcraft, their brains scrambled by Elgar [1]. They were freed by fellow captives Jason and Kimberly but watched as Kim was captured by natives [1]. They were later in the jungle when Divatox ran by, and they reunited with the other former captives in time to be rescued by the Turbo Megazord [1]. Inside the cockpit, they were amazed and then began dancing until knocking themselves unconscious [1].
[1] Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

Turbo series

Bulk and Skull briefly rejoined the police force but were turned into chimps during an encounter with Elgar [1]; they subsequently stayed with Lt. Stone [1], who soon began running the Juice Bar [2]. After a number of attempts to draw attention to their plight [3], they were transformed back into humans (albeit initially invisible humans) [4] and began working a series of odd jobs [5] (including monster tours working for Lt. Stone [6]).
[1] Shift into Turbo
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[5] The Wheel of Fate, et al.
[6] The Darkest Day, One Last Hope, The Fall of the Phantom

In Space

Skull, Professor, and Bulk
Skull, Professor, and Bulk
Upon spying the Dark Fortress in a telescope, Bulk and Skull sought out Professor Phenomenus, a self-professed expert on aliens [1]. As the professor's assistants, they crossed paths with a number of evil forces [2] and were briefly among Astronema's digitized captives in Secret City [3]. During the invasion of Earth, Bulk, Skull, and the professor claimed to be Rangers to thwart Astronema's search [4]; once the real Rangers were revealed, Bulk and Skull led the civilian charge against the evil hordes, and they congratulated the teens after their victory [4].
[1] Save Our Ship
[2] Save Our Ship, A Ranger Among Thieves, et al.
[3] Mission to Secret City, Ghosts in the Machine
[4] Countdown to Destruction, part 2

Lost Galaxy

Comet Cafe employees
Comet Cafe employees
Some time later, Bulk and the professor managed to board Terra Venture, a space colony which sought to find a "New World," but they only later realized they'd forgotten Skull (he'd overslept) [1]. Bulk and the professor were later seen working at the "Comet Cafe" aboard the colony [2]. When Terra Venture crashed, the duo was among the colonists safely evacuated to Mirinoi [3].
[1] Quasar Quest, part 1
[2] Stolen Beauty
[3] Journey's End

Wild Force

Bulk and Skull were later together at "Club Bulkmeier," a beach club apparently owned by Bulk and frequented by Tommy (whom they were reluctant to disturb) [1].
[1] Forever Red

Samurai / Super Samurai

Bulk and Spike
Bulk and Spike
In the same city in which the Samurai Rangers operated, Bulk trained Spike (with underwhelming results) in the ways of the samurai [1]. In time, Spike became enamored with the Pink Ranger [2] and was later befriended by (unmorphed) Mia [3]. Upon rolling a giant gum ball into an evil geyser (and believing they were responsible for its deactivation), Bulk and Spike regarded themselves as "true samurai" [4]; Skull later arrived (in a limousine) to pick up Spike, inviting Bulk to visit [5].
[1] Origins, part 2, et al.
[2] Test of the Leader
[3] Runaway Spike
[4] Stroke of Fate
[5] Samurai Forever

At some point in the later days of their training (if this episode is in-continuity), Bulk and Spike spent Christmas Eve night with Ji at the Shiba house (which they believed to be Mia's dojo and/or house, having brought her a present) [1]. On Christmas morning, the five morphed Samurai Rangers thanked them for their hard work helping save the world (to Bulk and Spike's delight) [1].
[1] Stuck on Christmas


Weren't there some other punks who hung out with Bulk and Skull at first?

Yes, but they only appeared on two occasions [1] and were never mentioned again. (The girl was apparently named "Sharkie" in early scripts, and she was also scripted as the girl who later asked the Frankenstein monster to dance [2].)
[1] Teamwork, Food Fight
[2] Life's a Masquerade

What were Bulk and Skull's last names?

Bulkmeier [1] and Skullovitch [2], as Lt. Stone frequently called them [3].
[1] Where There's Smoke, There's Fire, et al.
[2] Trick or Treat, et al.
[3] Ninja Quest, et al.

Was there an official spelling for "Bulkmeier?"

It appeared as such on the "Club Bulkmeier" sign [1], as well as on his detective's license [2]. "Bulkmier," however, appeared briefly on a resumé [3]; show scripts tended to spell it this way as well. In the Turbo movie, the subtitles spelled it "Bulkmeyer," while an early script draft spelled it "Bulkmayer." Technically, any of the following spellings would be valid for a surname suffix of this sort:
  • -maier
  • -mayer
  • -meier
  • -meior
  • -meir
  • -meyer
  • -mier
  • -myer
[1] Forever Red
[2] Good as Gold
[3] Vanishing Act

What about "Skullovitch?"

"Skullovitch" appeared on a poster in-show [1], as well as on his detective's license [2], and this spelling was used consistently in show scripts. (Technically, "-ovich" would be a more common suffix in real life.)
[1] Wild West Rangers, part 2
[2] Good as Gold


The script to "King for a Day" spelled it as such.

What were Bulk and Skull's respective ancestries?

Unspecified in-show, but note that in real life, "-meier" and related spelling variants are German in origin, while "-ovich" and its variants originate in Eastern Europe.

What were their first names?

Farcus (Bulk) and Eugene (Skull) [1].
[1] For Whom the Bell Trolls, Rally Ranger, ...

Was there an official spelling for "Farcus?"

It appeared briefly on a resumé as "Farcus" [1]. (Technically, the spelling "Farkas" is more common in real life.)
[1] Vanishing Act

Why did Bulk and Skull's moms look so different between "Return of an Old Friend" and "Alien Rangers of Aquitar?"

Bulk and Skull with moms (MMAR)
Bulk and Skull with moms (MMAR)

Unspecified, but see "Actor switch."

But their personas seemed totally different...

Next question...?

When (and why) did Bulk and Skull dress up as superheroes?

Bulkster and Super-Skull
Bulkster and Super-Skull
Bulk and Skull attended Power Ranger Day dressed as superheroes, per Bulk's plan to "steal a little bit of [the Rangers'] thunder" [1]. Their introductory speech was, "With iron chests and arms of steel, we've got real superhero appeal! We'll protect this city with all our might – Bulkster and Super Skull will set things right" [1]. Once on-stage, they introduced themselves as "the Incredible Bulkster" and "Super Skull, Boy Wonderful"; they then attempted some karate but (following Rita's temporary abduction of the city population) were shooed away by the mayor [1]. Later, the Crystal of Nightmares caused them to share a dream in which they used burger and hot dog Morphers (with a call of "Burgersaurus!" from Bulk and "Dogasaurus!" from Skull) to morph into their Bulkster and Super Skull identities; they then piloted the Megazord with calamitous results [2].
[1] Doomsday
[2] Crystal of Nightmares

Did Bulk and Skull have any romantic interests?

Bulk and Skull once propositioned Kimberly and Trini for a double date [1] (and later Kimberly and Aisha [2]). They were later pursued by two punk girls (to their horror) [3]. They once sought the attention of two girls who were infatuated with the Power Rangers [4]. Bulk later tried to romance the police chief's daughter Connie (earning a dance with her) [5].
[1] Day of the Dumpster
[2] When Is a Ranger Not a Ranger?
[3] Goldar's Vice-Versa
[4] A Friend in Need
[5] Bulk Fiction

Skull loves this time of year.
Skull loves this time of year.
Further, Skull unsuccessfully tried to woo Kimberly a number of times [1], and he apparently chose to think of her while Bulk was trying to read his mind [2]. When, during their time as kids, Kimberly deceptively offered Skull a kiss, Bulk warned of cooties, but Skull replied that he liked cooties [3]. When a love spell hit Angel Grove High, Kimberly fell in love with Skull (to his delight), but she disgustedly rejected him upon returning to normal; his feelings later hurt, Skull agreed to dance with Kimberly after she apologized and told him she really wanted to be his friend [4]. Skull also kissed Kimberly once, under the mistletoe as she was expecting a kiss from Tommy [5].
[1] Teamwork, Power Ranger Punks, Green with Evil, part 1, Green with Evil, part 3, Calamity Kimberly, A Bad Reflection on You, Plague of the Mantis, Two Heads are Better Than One
[2] Switching Places
[3] Rangers Back in Time, part 1
[4] The Potion Notion
[5] I'm Dreaming of a White Ranger

Skull also once hit on Trini (propositioning her for some "fun") [1] and at another point earned a kiss from a fashion model he protected [2].
[1] Happy Birthday, Zack
[2] Scent of a Weasel

Did Bulk and Skull have any positive relationships with the Ranger teens?

  • Skull danced with Kimberly after she'd expressed interest in their being friends [1].
  • Bulk and Skull recovered Kimberly's stolen car, earning Bulk (but not Skull) a hug [2].
  • Bulk and Skull attended a surprise party for Kimberly after she'd aced her Pan Global tryouts [3].
  • Bulk and Skull helped out with Kat's volunteer housing project (during which time Skull privately said something to make Billy laugh) [4].
  • Adam convinced Skull to reveal his piano talent, which Bulk ended up respecting as Adam had hoped [5].
  • T.J. joined Bulk and Skull on a stakeout to catch the "daytime thief" and save their delivery jobs (Bulk later hugged T.J. after learning he'd spoken kindly of Bulk) [6].
  • Bulk and Skull happily congratulated the revealed Space Rangers after they had saved the Earth [7].
  • Bartender Bulk had a friendly chat with Mike in Terra Venture's Comet Cafe [8].
  • Bulk and Skull delicately delivered an important phone call to Tommy at Club Bulkmeier [9].
[1] The Potion Notion
[2] Follow That Cab!
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[5] Instrument of Destruction
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[7] Countdown to Destruction, part 2
[8] Stolen Beauty
[9] Forever Red

Was Skull's piano talent ever mentioned again after it was revealed?

Once: while they were trapped in the forest, Bulk said of Skull's harmonica playing, "Do us both a favor and stick to the piano!" [1].
[1] Game of Honor

Were Bulk and Skull "monster magnets?"

Bulk and Skull meet Saliguana
Bulk and Skull meet Saliguana
Bulk and Skull did seem to have a knack for running into monsters and other villains, particularly while searching for the Rangers' identities (MMPR season 2), serving as Junior Police and detectives (MMPR season 3, Zeo), and assisting Professor Phenomenus (In Space). Once, doubting their account of a monster encounter, Lt. Stone found it dubious that they were "the only ones in Angel Grove outside of the Power Rangers to face off with a different monster every week"; Skull insisted, "Every time we turn around, there they are!", to which Stone sarcastically replied, "Oh, you're monster magnets" [1]. He then accompanied them to the park seeking proof of their propensity to encounter monsters, but they all slept through the Ninja Rangers fighting Tengas and the Shogunzords battling See Monster; it was only Lt. Stone's awakening to a kite bearing a dragon design which mistakenly convinced him there was a monster [2]. (Curiously, the home video "The Good, the Bad, and the Stupid" duplicated the aforementioned See Monster battle but had Bulk and Skull seeking shelter in a cave instead of evacuating people; Lt. Stone was irate to end up rescuing them. That would have had to take place while Bulk, Skull, and Lt. Stone were sleeping in-show [2].)
[1] Changing of the Zords, part 2
[2] Changing of the Zords, part 3

Aside from monster encounters, what other weird stuff happened to Bulk and Skull?

  • Tommy used weird green glowy eyes to propel them into a dumpster [1].
  • They were attacked by biting flowers [2].
  • Like most everyone else in Angel Grove, they were abducted from Power Ranger Day by Rita until the Rangers' victory freed them [3].
  • They found a canister from which a miniature Rita Repulsa escaped [4].
  • They saw a small UFO [5].
  • While in Australia, they were teleported into the Outback for a time [6].
  • "Grumble the magic elf" greeted them from within a storybook [7].
  • They passed out after Kat had teleported away some distance behind them (though they may not have seen her actual teleportation) [8].
  • Skull was perplexed after Kat took the place of the cat he'd been petting (her eyes seemed to flash red as she spoke to him, but he may or may not have noticed this) [9].
  • Both were forced to attend Master Vile's "End of the World" party, which was also attended by Rita and Lord Zedd [10].
  • After seeing his spaceship land, Bulk and Skull took Cestro to see Billy [11].
  • They cared for a metal-eating mutant plant grown from a clipping taken from Rocky's plant [12].
  • Jason's communicator teleported out of their hands [13].
  • They were sucked into a Zeo Ranger V hologram and captured in Gasket's arena; there, they allied with the alien Triter to escape [14].
  • They were captured aboard Divatox's ship and taken to Muiranthias, their brains scrambled for a time [16].
  • They were turned into chimps for an extended period of time [16]; they were then turned human but invisible for a brief period [17].
  • They saw Lightning Cruiser lift off and fly away [18].
  • The robbery of a bank they had been guarding was thwarted by an invisible presence (the Phantom Ranger); the Turbo Rangers subsequently investigated [19]. A second robbery at a mine was also thwarted by the same presence, but it appears Bulk and Skull didn't stick around long enough to see it [19].
  • They (rightly) suspected Carlos of being a vampire [20].
  • They spotted the Dark Fortress with a telescope [21].
  • Bulk, Skull, and the Professor were stalked by a toy turned evil by the professor's Evilyzer [22].
  • Bulk, Skull, and the professor were among those taken to Secret City and temporarily scanned into data cards [23].
  • They were present during Astronema's invasion [24].
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Did they ever save the day?

  • They rescued the Rangers from Scatterbrain (but lost their memories of the Rangers' identities in the process) [1].
  • Their efforts to escape Gasket's arena resulted in the Zeo Rangers escaping as well [2].
  • They ended up saving Tanya's job by briefly taking over for her at KAGV while trying to broadcast a message to the Power Rangers [3].
  • They unwittingly knocked a detonator into water, shorting it out [4].
  • Despite the temptations of money and fame, Bulk and Skull gave a wishing coin to the Blue Ranger; they then quickly left before they could change their minds [5].
  • Bulk caught a vial of plutonium fuel which purportedly could have destroyed the city if broken open [6].
  • Bulk stuck up for the Rangers while other citizens wondered whether the Rangers had abandoned them; Bulk and Skull later led other civilians in helping the Rangers fight off Astronema's army [7].
[1] When is a Ranger Not a Ranger?
[2] King for a Day, part 2
[3] Transmission Impossible
[4] The Whole Lie
[5] The Gardener of Evil
[6] When Push Comes to Shove
[7] Countdown to Destruction, part 2

They also managed to pummel or defeat a few foot soldiers:
[1] Water You Thinking?
[2] Trust in Me, Good as Gold
[3] Rangers Back in Time, part 1
[4] Alien Rangers of Aquitar, part 1
[5] King for a Day, part 2
[6] Countdown for Destruction, part 2

What was the extent of Bulk and Skull's martial arts knowledge?

  • After being flipped onto a mat by Kimberly and Trini and advised to join Jason's karate class, Bulk and Skull indeed joined his class, hoping to learn how to beat people up [1].
  • Before being turned into chimps by Elgar, Bulk and Skull performed a choreographed (albeit impractical) routine with their batons, which they'd apparently learned at their "last class" at "the academy" [2].
  • Bulk apparently believed he had adequate knowledge to mentor Spike in the ways of the samurai (though his results were less than spectacular) [3].
[1] Day of the Dumpster
[2] Shift into Turbo, part 1
[3] Origins, part 2, et al.

Did anyone find out that Rito and Goldar were living with Bulk and Skull for a time?

No such discovery was revealed in-show, except that Lt. Stone came close on a few occasions [1].
[1] Graduation Blues, Brother, Can You Spare an Arrowhead?

How did Zordon and the Rangers not know about it?

Unspecified; maybe they did, for all we know.

What became of Triter's intent to make legends of Bulk and Skull on his home planet?

Unknown; the planet Horath wasn't mentioned again [1].
[1] King for a Day, part 2

Did Bulk and Skull remember the Alien Rangers from the Orb of Doom's time reversal?

Apparently not: despite having been huge fans of the Alien Rangers as kids [1], they expressed no particular familiarity with Cestro upon meeting him in present day [2].
[1] Water You Thinking?
[2] Graduation Blues

What happened with Bulk and Skull's mission in (or off the coast of) France?

It wasn't mentioned again after Bulk and Skull agreed to go [1]. When we next saw Bulk and Skull, they were working security jobs for Lt. Stone (he noted, "I needn't remind you of our luck in getting re-hired") [2].
[1] Good as Gold
[2] Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

Why was their hair gray in the Turbo movie?

Unspecified. It apparently turned gray as they were being beamed aboard Divatox's ship (Elgar did a brain-scrambling at this point or soon thereafter) [1]. It remained as such for the remainder of the movie, but it was back to normal when the series started [2].
[1] Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie
[2] Shift into Turbo

Did Bulk and Skull remember their time aboard Divatox's ship and on Muiranthias?

Unknown. They never mentioned it, though.

Who did they think they were while their brains were scrambled?

Speaking in some sort of Latin accent, Skull introduced himself as "Antonio Bandana" (perhaps an allusion to the character Antonio Montana from Scarface and/or Antonio Banderas) [1]. Bulk, meanwhile, spoke in a German or Austrian accent [1].
[1] Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

When were their brains unscrambled?

Unknown. We don't know who did it, or whether they naturally recovered, or whether they were even still brain-scrambled by the time they were brought aboard the Turbo Megazord [1]. (It may be noted, though, that the Liarians had healing powers [1].)
[1] Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

Did anyone refer to Bulk and Skull's chimp forms as "chimps?"

A few times, yes [1], but the less descriptive term "monkeys" was used more frequently [2]. (Note that in an outtake for "Shadow Rangers," Skull's voice-over began to note they weren't monkeys but rather chimpanzees, but he couldn't pronounce "chimpanzee.")
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Why did Bulk and Skull steal so many things in "Shadow Rangers?" They weren't thieves in human form.

Whether it was out of character is hard to say (some might say they were thieves at times), but Skull inwardly remarked that they had been bored, while Tommy and Justin "had all that cool stuff to play with" [1]. Bulk also expressed a wish for the Youth Center to be "more homey" since they were now living there [1].
[1] Shadow Rangers

What else did they ever steal?

The seriousness of their thefts is up to you to decide, but they include:
  • cotton candy from two unsuspecting girls at a fair [1]
  • the trophy from the Oddball Games (after their team had lost) [2]
  • a lost dog Jason had found (to collect the reward money instead) [3]
  • two unattended ATVs after having wrecked their own at a motor rally [4]
  • a videotape from an unmanned camera (on the suspicion that it would reveal the Rangers' identities) [5]
  • Tommy and Justin's belongings (as chimps, above) [6]
  • other people's food (while invisible) [7]
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Note that they weren't shown stealing anything during their time as police officers and detectives, tending to pursue thieves instead [1]. Also note T.J.'s later appraisal: "Bulk and Skull make mistakes, but they're not thieves" [2].
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How did they steal all that stuff from Tommy and Justin's garage?

Unspecified, but it apparently happened over the course of a few weeks [1].
[1] Shadow Rangers

Did they steal stuff for their patio from anyone else?

Unspecified, but they did have a lot of things on the patio, and Tommy and Justin didn't describe it all as being their own belongings (only particular items) [1].
[1] Shadow Rangers

Why couldn't the chimps alert anyone to their situation?

They repeatedly tried, but each effort failed for some reason:
  • Bulk's initial distress call went out only as chimp chatter (as did all of their attempted speech) [1].
  • After apparently playing solitaire and reading a newspaper in the Youth Center, the chimps took over Tanya's radio show to call the Power Rangers for help, but again nobody understood them [2].
  • Bulk tried to win the Angel Grove Derby to garner the Rangers' attention (hoping they could "help turn [them] back into humans"), but he only ended up making a mess [3].
  • Noting an upcoming drag race and the Rangers' tendency to show up when there was trouble (the Rangers, they figured, could "turn [them] back into humans"), Bulk and Skull hid in the cars and covered the racers' eyes as they neared a cliff; the Rangers saved the day but weren't shown addressing the chimps [4]. The pair later drove off in Lt. Stone's car for reasons unknown [4].
  • When the Rangers responded to a detonator at their car wash, Bulk and Skull advanced in hopes that the Rangers could "change [them] back," but, as usual, no one understood them [5].
  • Bulk wanted to depict their fate with pictures, but their attempt at hieroglyphics outside ended up just being a mess (or, according to some, abstract art) [6].
  • The chimps stacked dishes in "a pattern more complicated than any mere monkey could master," but Lt. Stone accidentally knocked them over [7]. Later (in outtakes), Bulk wore a tutu at Kat's ballet recital in hopes that she would recognize them [8] (per their prior performance in a recital [9]); the results weren't shown.
  • As the chimps served drinks at the Juice Bar, Tommy observed they seemed to be trying to tell them something, but Tanya concluded they just wanted money for the drinks [10].
  • At a soccer game, the chimps performed cheers to attract attention, but nobody was seen taking notice [11].
  • Seeing Lt. Stone unable to balance his books, Bulk and Skull made off with a week's worth of cash and receipts; when they returned it (task complete?), Lt. Stone made no acknowledgment of their efforts [12].
  • Abandoning a game of chess in the Juice Bar, Bulk and Skull sought to win a trash clean-up contest to prove their humanity [13]; after they'd been caught driving his car, Lt. Stone noted their unusual antics but, displeased to note he was talking as if they understood him, remained unsure what to do with them [14].
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Why did Bulk and Skull think the Rangers could change them back?

That wasn't elaborated upon.

Did Bulk and Skull have chimp brains during that time?

Notwithstanding their efforts to prove their humanity by executing feats that should have been beyond the capacity of ordinary monkeys (above), note the following:
  • In a few episodes, they had a strong affinity for bananas [1], but Bulk was later displeased with mashed bananas, not wanting to see "another bowl of bananas" [2].
  • They stole people's belongings (above) [3], which one might or might not regard as out of character by this point.
  • Left alone in the garage where Justin's party was to be held, the chimps observed jointly, "When the cats are away, it's time for these two monkeys to play," and proceeded to wreck the room and gobble up the food [4].
  • Before causing Lt. Stone to spray himself with a hose, Bulk observed, "So we're chimpanzees, and we're supposed to be mischievious [sic]," and Skull agreed, "Yeah, let's have some fun" [4]. Later in the Juice Bar, they later added "a few of their own ingredients" (Bulk mentioned sardines) to Lt. Stone's new fruit drinks [5].
  • They apparently just made a mess while trying to paint hieroglyphics to depict their transformation [6].
  • When the Blue Ranger landed on the hood of the car Bulk was driving, Bulk initially called him a "blue monkey" but later realized he was a Power Ranger [7].
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Did anyone wonder what had happened to Bulk and Skull while they were secretly in chimp form?

The only person to mention their absence (and he did so after their return) was Lt. Stone.

How did Bulk and Skull change from chimps to invisible humans?

See discussion at "Subcraft and space base."

What made their invisibility wear off?

Unspecified. They'd been stealing food and performing magic tricks for an unknown period of time before they unexpectedly returned to normal in the Juice Bar [1].
[1] Stitch Witchery

What were all of Bulk and Skull's jobs?

Before becoming chimps:
  • students [1] (later graduated at some point [2])
  • Junior Police officers [3] (eventually fired for making a mess [4])
  • detectives [5] (eventually resigned [6])
  • police officers? (mainly security guards [7,8]; went missing [8])
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After chimps (mid-late Turbo):
  • cement workers (fell in cement) [1]
  • pizza delivery men (ate their pizzas) [2]
  • bank/mine security guards (quit and ran away) [3]
  • singing telegram performers (ran away after costume mischief) [4]
  • vacuum cleaner salesmen (vacuumed off Lt. Stone's shirt; later fired?) [6]
  • monster tour guides (see Lt. Stone) [6]
  • tennis lesson assistants (ball machine malfunctioned; fired?) [7]
  • plumbers (fired by at least one client) [8]
  • plant nursery assistants (ran away?) [9]
  • park rangers (fired after running away) [10]
  • tow truck drivers / mechanics (fired for being late due to broken-down truck) [11]
  • newspaper delivery men (fired for not charging money) [12]
  • musicians for hire (thrown out of Youth Center by Lt. Stone) [13]
  • water delivery men (spilled water; fired?) [14]
  • dog-finders (found the wrong dog; arguably not a job anyway) [15]
  • baseball field line-drawers (made a mess) [16]
  • film festival operators (scared by man resembling a werewolf; fired?) [17]
  • exterminators (kicked out of Juice Bar; later fired?) [18]
  • couriers (exonerated of theft; later fired?) [19]
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In Space and beyond:
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In "Vanishing Act," what was written on Bulk and Skull's resumés?

Only Bulk's was shown on-screen [1]. It was titled "Farcus Bulkmier" [sic] and apparently listed the following in the upper left [1]:
Eyes: 2
Hair: Short
[1] Vanishing Act

The address "1614 Angel Grove St / Angel Grove..." was written in the upper right. Under "Training," it listed "Angel Grove High," "Jr. Detectives," and "UAG (University of Angel Grove)" [1]. Under "Skills," it apparently listed "philharmonic orchestra," "deep sea diver," "sky diver," and "ballet russe" [1]. Lt. Stone was listed as a reference for Bulk's high school and Jr. Detective training, with an apparent note not to ask him about UAG [1].
[1] Vanishing Act

Sky diver? Was that a reference to MMPR: The Movie?

Perhaps, insofar as the duo wasn't seen sky diving except in the movie. Note, however, that they also claimed to be singers in a philharmonic orchestra (and Carnegie Hall, in dialog), which would seem to be an obvious fabrication [1].
[1] Vanishing Act

Did Bulk and Skull really attend the University of Angel Grove?

Probably not? We never saw them attending college, the resumé didn't appear to be entirely truthful anyway, and they made no mention of college in dialog (unless one counts an accounting class they were said to have failed "three times in a row," but that might or might not have been a high school class [1]). Further, barring some sort of skipped year (see discussion at "Angel Grove High School"), when would they have had time to attend college? Didn't their high school class just graduate not long ago [2]?
[1] Cars Attacks
[2] Shift into Turbo

Maybe Bulk and Skull graduated before the others?

Er, well, they did attend a lot of classes with the teens [1], which might lead one to believe they were in the same grade. Technically, though, the last time Bulk and Skull had been shown attending high school classes was in early Zeo [2], and they were never actually stated to be in the same grade as the teens (even if they were, early graduation via GED isn't out of the question). Also, if they had attended college, prior to Turbo, it might explain why they spoke of having flunked an accounting class three times in a row (which one could argue sounds more like college than high school) [3].
[1] For Whom the Bell Trolls, et al.
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[3] Cars Attacks

What happened to Bulk and Skull's patrol bike?

Although it was crashed into a bait shop before Bulk and Skull's abduction by Divatox [1], it was seen on two later odd jobs they worked [2] but not subsequently.
[1] Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie
[2] Trouble by the Slice, Spirit of the Woods

Did Bulk and Skull graduate high school?

Apparently: Mr. Caplan recalled as such, and they agreed [1]. They just weren't shown at the graduation ceremony [2], apparently having been giving out parking tickets at the time [3]. (Alternately, per above discussion, maybe they had already graduated a year beforehand?)
[1] Carlos and the Count
[2] Shift into Turbo, part 2
[3] Shift into Turbo, part 1

Did Skull know the Rangers' identities?

There was no statement of the sort (aside from the time Bulk and Skull learned the Rangers' identities but immediately lost their memories [1]).
[1] When Is a Ranger Not a Ranger?

But what about the time Bulk and Skull had Jason's communicator?

After Bulk and Skull had accidentally wound up with Jason's communicator, Bulk was confused by the chiming sound in their office, at which point Skull casually did something to the communicator, describing it as Jason's "bracelet" [1]. When it teleported from their hands, both were startled; Bulk demanded to know where it had gone, at which point Skull crammed a spoonful of baby food (pertinent to their case at the time) into Bulk's mouth, placating him [1].
[1] Mondo's Last Stand

Aha! So Skull was covering up what the communicator actually was!

Er, perhaps. But could Skull simply have been less hysterical over the bracelet's unexplained disappearance?

What about Bulk and Skull's reactions to the Rangers' revelation in "Countdown to Destruction?"

When the Space Rangers revealed their identities to Astronema and the people of Angel Grove, Bulk put himself in front of Skull and asked incredulously, "Them?"; at the same time, Skull was silently meeting Bulk's gaze, his mouth slightly agape [1].
[1] Countdown to Destruction, part 2

Aha! So Bulk... um... knew Skull knew...?

Or Skull was just more subdued about it. Note that after the Space Rangers had morphed, Bulk and Skull exchanged equally stupefied glances [1], whether that means anything.
[1] Countdown to Destruction, part 2

But didn't Skull learn Adam's identity in Zeo?

It is true Skull (cloaked, as the "mysterious pianist") was apparently facing in Adam's direction when Adam morphed into Zeo Ranger IV to save Skull from Cogs and Fortissimodo [1]. However:
  • Skull's head was cloaked [1].
  • Skull never said anything to Adam about knowing his identity; upon seeing Adam next, Skull only expressed concern about Bulk learning of his piano skills [1].
  • He appeared to think, like Bulk, that the teens were being sarcastic about believing their story of saving the Rangers in Gasket's dimension [2].
  • He never displayed any knowledge of the Rangers' identities when it might have come in handy (such as their experience as chimps, during which they tried to attract the Power Rangers for help [3]).
[1] Instrument of Destruction
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Why did Bulk and the professor go aboard Terra Venture?

Unstated, but at a prior point, Professor Phenomenus had intended to send Bulk and Skull into the universe as astronauts to find aliens [1].
[1] When Push Comes to Shove

How did Bulk get back on Earth?

Unknown; he was last seen on Mirinoi with Professor Phenomenus [1], and then much later he and Skull were together at Club Bulkmeier [2]. That's all we know (except that Alpha 6 was also on Mirinoi at one point and later on Earth as well [3]).
[1] Journey's End, part 3
[2] Forever Red
[3] Journey's End, part 2, Always a Ranger, part 2

Did Bulk and Skull know of Tommy's Ranger past in "Forever Red?"

At Club Bulkmeier
At Club Bulkmeier
Unspecified, but after Bulk received an important call for him, they both appeared reluctant to approach him as he was reading a newspaper by the pool, with Skull wondering, "Do you really think we oughtta bug him?" [1]. Bulk then politely told Tommy of the phone call, addressing him as "Sir" [1]. The nature of their apprehension wasn't discussed in-show (but see "Tommy" for further discussion).
[1] Forever Red

Did Tommy own Club Bulkmeier?

Unspecified, but see "Tommy" for further discussion.

Did Skull marry Kimberly?

Not as stated in-show. Further, though an early script draft for "Forever Red" reportedly contained a mention of his marriage to Kimberly (a later draft did not), note that Skull didn't appear to be wearing a wedding ring while he was at Club Bulkmeier [1].
[1] Forever Red

Was Bulk Spike's actual uncle?

All we know is that he called Bulk "Uncle Bulk" [1] and that Bulk once referred to Spike as his "favorite nephew" [2]; this neither requires nor rules out a blood relation.
[1] Origins, part 2, et al.
[2] Origins, part 2

At what age did Skull conceive a child? Was it in high school?

Unknown, in that we don't know what age Spike was supposed to be, or even the definite year in which Samurai was supposed to take place. What we do know is that Bulk remarked upon greeting Spike, "You've really grown!" [1], whatever that may indicate.
[1] Origins, part 2

Can't we infer Spike's age? For instance, he didn't seem to be in school...

Different states have different ages for compulsory education, but we can't be sure Spike didn't go to school off-screen (or that Bulk wasn't schooling Spike at home). It could be noted, however, that Spike did get several (brief) jobs on his own at one point [1] (in real life, teens as young as 14 may work on a limited basis with a permit; otherwise, the limit would be 16).
[1] Runaway Spike

What was Spike's last name? Skullovitch?

One might assume, but it wasn't specified in-show. (A non-show farcical sports-themed video produced by Saban, however, did use the name "Skullovich" [sic] in reference to Spike).

Who was Spike's mother?

If Bulk were his actual uncle, one might conclude that Spike's mother would have to be Bulk's sister (or that Bulk married Spike's mother's sister, though we have no indication that Bulk is or was married). Of course, if Bulk wasn't his actual uncle, Spike's mother could have been anyone.

Was it Kimberly?

Unrevealed; see discussion above regarding Skull allegedly marrying Kimberly.

Marry schmarry. She could've had a baby during all that missing time in season 3.

This issue is best addressed on the "Angel Grove High timeline" page.

Was his mother not with Skull and Spike prior to "Origins?"

Dunno, but see next question.

Why did Skull leave Spike with Bulk for so long?

Unspecified [1]. Was it specifically for training? Was Skull busy (and Spike's mother wasn't present)? The show didn't say. We also don't know what determined the timing of Skull's return for Spike later [2]. Did it have to do with their perceived "true samurai" status following the bubblegum incident [3]? Or the Samurai Rangers' defeat over the Nighlok [2]? Or something else to do with Skull?
[1] Origins, part 2
[2] Samurai Forever
[3] Stroke of Fate

How long was it, exactly?

We don't know the exact chronological duration of Samurai and Super Samurai (see Timeline), but note the following (assuming the Christmas specials are regarded as in-continuity):
  • Bulk and Spike were seen celebrating two different Christmases together [1,2].
  • On their second Christmas Eve (at least second among the two we saw), Bulk told Ji, "We haven't had a Christmas tree in a long time" [2].
  • Also on the second Christmas Eve, Bulk said of their training, "We chose the way of the samurai years ago" [2]. Does this require that his pairing up with Spike [3] had to have been "years" prior to this Christmas special?
[1] Christmas Together, Friends Forever
[2] Stuck on Christmas
[3] Origins, part 2

In "Stuck on Christmas," Bulk said they hadn't had a Christmas tree in a long time, but didn't they have one in the first Christmas special?

A very, very tiny one, yes [1]. Notably, Bulk said this in the context of wishing to decorate Ji's large tree [2].
[1] Christmas Together, Friends Forever
[2] Stuck on Christmas

Why hadn't Bulk and Skull seen each other for a while when they reunited at the end of Super Samurai?

Unspecified, but note:
  • It had apparently been a number of years, given their initial reaction to each other's appearances [1]. (After calling him an "old man," Skull teased Bulk about not having changed a bit, prompting Bulk to scowl and remind him, "Neither have you, Skullovitch" [1].)
  • They apparently lived some distance apart [1,2], but Skull invited Bulk to visit so they could "catch up" (Bulk looked forward to it) [1].
  • When Bulk first saw Spike, he remarked on how much he'd grown [2].
[1] Samurai Forever
[2] Origins, part 2

And for what it's worth, we don't know that Skull's presence in "Forever Red" necessarily indicated he and Bulk routinely hung out together at that time [1]; their separation might have even mostly dated back to Terra Venture's departure [2].
[1] Forever Red
[2] Quasar Quest

Did Skull and Spike live in Angel Grove?

Unspecified; Angel Grove wasn't mentioned.

Was Bulk living in a garage? And paying rent on it?

Er, we did see an overdue rent notice as Bulk noted being late [1], but we don't know the nature of this rental. (The notice showed the name "Committee for Housing," but this wasn't mentioned in dialog.) Regarding the extent of his rental property, Bulk initially described the garage-like area in which they trained and slept as their "clubhouse" [1]; we don't know what surrounding property Bulk might have been renting as well, but note that no restrooms or showers appeared in the "clubhouse" (if that means anything).
[1] The Team Unites

Why would Bulk and Spike have slept on the floor of the garage if there was more area available?

The first time they were shown preparing to sleep in this area, they entered with bedding in hand as Bulk explained traditional samurai had slept on similar mats [1]. We're left to wonder where they'd been sleeping previously and from where they'd brought the bedding.
[1] Jayden's Challenge

How did Skull get rich? Why was he leaving Bulk to live in poverty?

Well, limousine and relatively nice attire aside, Skull wasn't expressly stated to be wealthy at the end of Super Samurai [1] (though one might reasonably assume). If he was wealthy, we don't know whether the wealth was an especially new acquisition (Spike appeared surprised by the limo [1], for what that's worth). We also don't know the exact nature of Bulk's living situation, except for the following details:
  • At Christmastime, Bulk and Spike appeared to have little money for presents (or at least not enough for a dirtbike) [2].
  • Bulk offered two bikers five dollars for crowd control at a music gig he and Spike were playing [3] (but was this for reasons other than poverty?).
  • Bulk found no money in his (previously cracked) piggy bank when he was overdue (by several months?) on his rent at one point [4].
[1] Samurai Forever
[2] Christmas Together, Friends Forever (in-continuity?)
[3] He Ain't Heavy Metal, He's My Brother
[4] Runaway Spike

What was Bulk's source of income during Samurai?

Unknown; he was never shown working, although he suggested he and Spike might "save up" for a dirtbike someday [1]. Perhaps relevant, note that when he was overdue on his rent, Bulk considered that he and Spike had spent "too much time training" (though he also seemed to have no money when he checked) [2].
[1] Christmas Together, Friends Forever (in-continuity?)
[2] Runaway Spike

Did Spike learn Mike's identity?

Spike did hear Mike mutter about "Mentor" taking his "Samuraizer," but it's not clear whether he would be able to identify Mike in the future (he gave chase from behind — sure the utterance made the speaker a Samurai Ranger — but was thwarted by a stop sign) [1].
[1] Forest for the Trees

And what was his reaction when this Samurai Ranger gave him and Bulk a dirtbike? Did he remember Mike?

As indicated above, Spike may or may not have seen Mike's face clearly back then [1]. In any case, Mike's gift to Bulk and Spike occurred off-camera [2]; we don't necessarily know whether the duo even knew who gave them the bike.
[1] Forest for the Trees
[2] Christmas Together, Friends Forever (in-continuity?)

Did Bulk and Spike realize the team's identities after meeting the Rangers in "Stuck on Christmas?"

We have no indication that they did (or didn't, technically). They had come to the Shiba house with the intention of leaving a gift for Mia (and were fearful of her drill sergeant, actually Emily); the next morning, the five morphed Samurai Rangers entered to thank them [1]. At minimum, they might have assumed that Ji (and Mia?) knew the Power Rangers.
[1] Stuck on Christmas

But if they did realize Mia's identity at minimum, wouldn't we have seen evidence of this in the final few Super Samurai episodes?

We don't know when exactly the Christmas special was set (see notes here), but here are Bulk and Spike's scenes from episodes not recapped in "Stuck on Christmas" (in none do Bulk and Spike see or comment on the Ranger girls):
  • Seeing him at a store, Spike recalled that Ji was "that guy from Mia's dojo," and Ji observed they were supposed to come back (mentioning the drill instructor, whom they feared) [1]. (One might assume this must be placed before their festivities together in "Stuck on Christmas.")
  • After tai chi, Bulk and Spike hid from Pestilox [2].
  • Bulk and Spike used a giant wad of gum to (as far as they were concerned) plug a geyser of energy downtown [3].
  • Spike later left [4].
[1] The Master Returns
[2] A Crack in the World
[3] Stroke of Fate
[4] Samurai Forever

What did Bulk do after Spike left? Did he remain fascinated with the Samurai Rangers?