Antonio was the Gold Samurai Ranger.


Having "[grown] up in a fish shop" [1], Antonio was passionate about fishing [2] (even having his own grilled fish business when he debuted [3]). He also played the guitar and sang [4]. He was skilled with gadgets [5] but for years regarded becoming a samurai as his highest priority [5].
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Being self-taught [1], Antonio was proficient at martial arts (albeit using nontraditional moves) [2]. While he didn't produce written symbol power like the other Rangers, his self-made Samurai Morpher manifested electronic symbol power instead [2,3].
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Antonio's father was the owner of a fish market visited by Jayden and Ji, at least until Antonio had to move away [1].image.png
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young Antonio
young Antonio
At a young age, Antonio became friends with Jayden; they played together at the Shiba house, with Jayden promising to make him a samurai [1]. When Antonio had to move away, Jayden gave him the Octozord as a going-away present [1,2].
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Over the years, Antonio trained himself in martial arts [1]. Closer to modern day, he managed to communicate wih the Octozord via texting [1] and built the Samurai Morpher, allowing him to become the Gold Ranger [1,2]. Following Antonio's debut battle [2], Jayden reluctantly allowed him to join the team as the sixth Samurai Ranger [1]. Soon, Antonio talked with Deker [3] (and served him fish! [4]) before learning his villainous identity [4]. He persuaded Deker to delay his duel with Jayden on two occasions by citing Jayden's weakened state [5].
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Super Samurai

Antonio was instrumental in completing the black box, which no prior Ranger had managed to complete [1]. Ji also gave him other projects, including reviving the Claw Zord [2], transforming the Light Zord [3], and perfecting the Shark disc [4]. At one point, switching bodies with a fish (see Switchbeast) [5] left Antonio terrified of fish (and unable to wield his Barracuda Blade in morphed form) until Ji forced him to eat some [3]. Antonio also performed at a concert with Mia and her brother Terry [6] and fished with Bulk and Spike [7].
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After Deker's role in Serrator's plot to split open the Earth was revealed [1], Antonio couldn't bring himself to strike the mostly unconscious Deker following an explosion [2]. Remorseful over his inaction, Antonio later confronted Deker but again couldn't attack due to Deker (seemingly) being unarmed [2]. Deker rebuffed Antonio's pleas to walk away from Serrator (and tried to strike Antonio), but Deker did ultimately turn on Serrator [2].
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When Jayden left the Shiba house due to Lauren's arrival, Antonio unsuccessfully tried to persuade his "best friend" to return [1]. Antonio then teamed with Lauren in battle despite some apparent reluctance to speak with her [2]. After Xandred's defeat, Antonio (keeping his Morpher) departed for an around-the-world fishing cruise [3].
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What was Antonio's last name?

Garcia (or GarcĂ­a) [1].
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What was Antonio's ancestry?

Unspecified, except that he sporadically interjected Spanish words into his speech [1], and the name Garcia is a Spanish surname in real life.
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Why did Antonio speak Spanish incorrectly?

Um, nobody's mentioned that he mispronounced certain words (such as "excelente" as "exciente") [1].
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Why did Antonio speak with a New Zealand accent when he was a little kid?

The child actor's accent [1] wasn't brought up in dialog; one might want to regard it as a production quirk.
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Was Antonio native to Panorama City?

Probably, insofar as he was present as a young boy when young Jayden visited his father's fish market [1], and both played together at the Shiba house until Antonio and his father moved away [2].
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Why did Antonio have to move away when he was little?


How did Antonio learn all of his combat techniques?

All we know is that he trained (at least partly) by himself [1]. If he had any teacher (beyond his early friendship with Jayden [1]), it wasn't specified. For reference, though, Kevin remarked on his "legendary sheathed slash maneuver" (previously thought impossible), his "straight slash," and his "back-handed grip" [2].
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How did Antonio create a Morpher from scratch?

Ji recapped thusly [1]: "You were able to make this from what Jayden taught you and studying the Octozord's systems?"; Antonio agreed and noted that "everything fell into place" once he "figured out how to talk to Octozord with texting" [1]. It wasn't explained further.
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How much time elapsed between the creation of the Samurai Morpher and Antonio's arrival in Panorama City?

Unknown, except that Antonio looked close to his contemporary age when he was inspired by a broken cell phone [1]. He also noted to the Rangers, "I just came to help because of all the Nighlok showing up" [2], whatever that may imply.
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Did Antonio build the Samurai Morpher from that broken cell phone?

Probably not, given that their designs didn't especially match up (aside from both being silver clamshell-style phones) [1]. On the other hand, the show didn't expressly state that he didn't use the broken phone.image.pngimage.png
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Had Antonio morphed before his on-screen debut?

Unspecified, except that he noted of his Barracuda Blade (after accidentally cutting down a number of trees), "Man, this thing's sharper than I thought" [1].
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What was the deal with the exploding sardines?

Dunno; they weren't explained, but they have appeared on more than one occasion (with Antonio both morphed and unmorphed) [1]. Morphed Antonio also once used some sort of smoke bomb to disappear [2].
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Antonio left his fish cart (Octozord included) on a pier? Wasn't he afraid somebody would steal it?

He did seem to leave it there during his formal introduction at the Shiba house [1]; whether it was protected (or whether he went back for it) is unknown.
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Antonio could break the fourth wall? Um, what does that mean about his character?

He did seemingly speak to the camera once, offering the audience an "instant replay" of his (second) super-fast fight against Moogers [1]. The implications of this are unknown, but note that Divatox and Elgar did seem to speak to the audience on two occasions in early Turbo [2]. Antonio didn't do this again.
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On his fishing cruise, Antonio intended to catch fish nobody had ever heard of. That's... possibly not the best thing to do with rare and possibly endangered fish, is it?

Nobody indicated a problem with his plan; Mia even noted an intent to cook his "rare and exotic fish" [1].
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