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Alpha 5
Alpha 5
The name "Alpha" can be applied to a number of robots who aided Zordon and/or the Power Rangers.


Alphas 5 and 6 were apparently able to teleport at will [1,2], at least while the Command Center/Power Chamber existed. Other abilities are discussed in the Q&A section below.
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MMPR season 1

Alpha 5 was manning the Command Center when Rita escaped; he summoned five teens to become Power Rangers, per Zordon's instructions [1]. He then continued to assist Zordon and the Rangers. He was later infected with a virus disc during the Green Ranger's attack [2], but Billy brought him back online [3]; Zordon, having vanished for a time himself, later commended Alpha for his leadership in Zordon's absence [4].
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MMPR season 2

Alpha 5 continued to man the Command Center [1]. At one point, Alpha took a stroll outside but was accosted by Finster and Putties; a virus disc turned him evil, at which point he trapped the Rangers in an abandoned theater and caused Zordon to vanish (after vandalizing his image) [2]. Billy later removed the virus disc, returning Alpha to normal [2]. When Kimberly visited the year 1880, Alpha (version number unknown) was still manning the Command Center [3].
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MMPR season 3

Alpha's concern for the planet Edenoi led the Rangers to check up on King Lexian and meet the Masked Rider [1]. Alpha continued to man the Command Center thereafter and was present during the loss of the Thunderzords [2].
[1] A Friend in Need
[2] Ninja Quest, part 1


Alpha 5 continued to man the Command Center during the Orb of Doom's time reversal [1]; during this time, he had to disarm an implosion device outside [2]. Later, he was present moments before the Command Center's destruction (courtesy of a second device) [3] (cont'd below).
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The Rangers soon found Alpha and Zordon alive, now manning the Power Chamber [1]. Billy began working as an assistant in the Power Chamber [1]; Alpha later missed Billy's expertise following his departure to Aquitar, but Zordon assured him he was doing fine [2].
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[2] Good as Gold


Alpha 6
Alpha 6
Alpha 5 (now in a shiny body) continued to man the Power Chamber as the Rangers first contended with Divatox [1], but he left with Zordon for Eltar not long thereafter [2]. In their place were Alpha 6 and Dimitria, who served as the Turbo Rangers' mentors [3]. Alpha 5 made a brief appearance with Zordon during the senior Turbo teens' retirement [4]. Later, Alpha 6 survived the Power Chamber's destruction and accompanied four of the Rangers into space aboard the Astro Megashuttle, equipped with a black box he'd salvaged from the Power Chamber's rubble [5] (cont'd below).
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In Space

Upon boarding the Astro Megaship (and having his now-broken voice chip repaired), Alpha 6 used his black box to allow the Megaship to transform into the Astro Megazord [1]; he then continued to help out aboard the Megaship, occasionally interacting with the ship's computer, Deca [2]. Later, Alpha had a friendly rapport with Silver Ranger Zhane [3]. When Ecliptor later infiltrated the Megaship, Alpha regretted the subsequent loss of the Mega Voyager's moonbase, but as the Rangers noted, the Megaship remained intact [4]. Following the Rangers' victory over Dark Specter's forces, Alpha accompanied the Rangers from KO-35 to Earth [5].
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Lost Galaxy

Alpha 6 manned the Astro Megaship, which had been converted into a museum serviced by mechanic Damon; Kai then arrived to commandeer the Megaship to help his friends on Mirinoi [1]. Alpha was surprised by the arrival of the Galaxy Rangers [1] but continued to man the Megaship, which subsequently spent much of its time aboard Terra Venture [2]. He was delighted by the (brief) return of the Space Rangers [3]. Later, Leo and Alpha narrowly escaped the destruction of the Megaship, but an ensuing explosion separated them in space; Alpha was later found head-first in a bush on the planet below (Mirinoi) [4].
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Wild Force

As the Red Rangers flew in the Astro Megaship Mark II to the moon to stop General Venjix, an Alpha (listed in the end credits as "Alpha 7") was present aboard the ship; he spoke with his usual chipper voice, and his body mostly resembled Alpha 6 [1].
[1] Forever Red

Operation Overdrive

Helping to fill in for the powerless Overdrive Rangers, Adam thought of somebody who might be able to repair the Morphing Grid; then in a warehouse in Angel Grove, he found a crate marked with a lightning bolt insignia, and Andrew Hartford then brought Alpha 6 back online in his lab [1]. Alpha then proceeded inside the Morphing Grid and successfully repaired it [1]. He then agreed to accompany Adam back to Angel Grove to work in his dojo [1].
[1] Once a Ranger, part 2


Was the number in Alpha's name supposed to be spelled out?

End credits for the show (and movies) tend to use the numeral, such as "Alpha 5," "Alpha 6," and "Alpha 7." Further, a crate bearing Alpha 4's name was written, "Alpha 4." This wiki uses the numeral, but this shouldn't be assumed to be the only valid approach (for instance, in writing, it's customary to use words for single-digit numbers).

Was there an official spelling for "ay yi yi?"

It didn't appear in writing in-show. Scripts seemed to favor "ay yi yi," but other variants included:
  • aye yai yai
  • aye yi yi
  • ayiyi
  • ai yi yi
  • ay ay ay
  • aye aye aye
  • i-i-i
  • ayi yi yi [sic]

A track on the MMPR: The Movie soundtrack was titled "Ayeyiyi," while the lyrics spelled it, "Aye-yi-yi."

What happened to Alphas 1 through 4?

Alpha in a box
Alpha in a box
Unspecified, though there was purportedly "a long line of Alphas" [1]. In the Command Center's basement, an Alpha body of some sort rested in a cobweb-covered cardboard box [2]; nearby, a black crate was labeled, "Alpha 4" [3].
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[3] Hogday Afternoon, part 2 (before and after Zeo Crystal restored time)

When did Alpha 5 come online?


Where did Alpha 5 come from?

Alpha's home planet was Edenoi; Zordon acknowledged that Alpha's memory banks contained "many fond memories" of Edenoi [1]. Alpha noted King Lexian assembled him and gave him life; "he was like a father to me," he added [1].
[1] A Friend in Need, part 1

But he was with Zordon at least 10,000 years ago?

Seems that way:
  • Alpha said of Scorpina, "I haven't seen her in over ten thousand years!" [1]
  • Alpha said of Cyclopsis, "We haven't seen this monster in ten thousand years!" [2]
  • On the legend of Ninjor, Alpha asked, "What about the map we found with the Power Coins?" [3] (emphasis added)
[1] Green with Evil, part 3
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But King Lexian wasn't 10,000+ years old, was he?

Perhaps not, given that Dex noted the Masked Rider powers had existed on Edenoi "for many centuries, handed down from king to king" [1].
[1] A Friend in Need, part 2

So which version of Alpha was it with Zordon over 10,000 years ago? (Or: Did Alpha 5 have the memories of previous Alphas?)


Which version of Alpha was manning the Command Center in 1880?

Wild West Alpha (pretty similar to regular Alpha)
Wild West Alpha (pretty similar to regular Alpha)
Unspecified. He acted and sounded like Alpha 5 [1], but that may or may not be especially meaningful.
[1] Wild West Rangers, part 2

What was Alpha's connection to the Command Center?

He once introduced himself as "Alpha 5, Command Center prototype" [1]. Take from that what you will.
[1] The Wanna-Be Ranger

Did Alpha 5 ever leave the Command Center (or Power Chamber)?

Aside from his departure for Eltar [1], he was shown going outside on a number of occasions:
  • He retrieved a singing squash [2].
  • He helped revive Trini's cousin Sylvia [3].
  • He helped Tommy rebuild Kimberly's float model [4].
  • He joined the teens at a masquerade party [5].
  • He played soccer with a kid in the park (and was attacked by a monster) [6].
  • He purportedly chaperoned some children on Halloween in the teens' stead [7].
  • He saved the Rangers when they were turned into kids and trapped in a photograph [8].
  • He took a walk outside (and was reprogrammed by Finster) [9].
  • He disarmed an implosion device outside the Command Center [10].
  • He went with the Rangers to look at the Super Zeo Zords [11].
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Did Alpha 6 ever leave the Power Chamber?

Prior to the Power Chamber's destruction [1], he was seen leaving once, to disarm a detonator inside the Blue Senturion [2].
[1] Chase into Space, part 2
[2] The Millennium Message

Did Alpha 6 ever leave the Megaship (once he was aboard it)?

Prior to the Megaship's destruction [1], he was seen leaving once, joining Adam and Carlos during their training [2].
[1] Journey's End, part 2
[2] Always a Chance

Did I see Alpha 5 holding a teddy bear once?

Yes, he was shown on two occasions holding a teddy bear with a metallic head somewhat resembling his own: the first was during the earthquake following Rita's release [1], and the second was during Jason's battle with King Sphinx [2].
[1] Day of the Dumpster
[2] A Pressing Engagement

Could Alpha defend himself?

Alpha 5 was once shown to have an internal defense system wherein he emitted an electrical field strong enough to ward off several Putties [1]. At no other time, however, did Alpha display any ability to effectively defend himself. In the movie, Alpha 5 at least tried, delivering a karate chop to Ivan Ooze, but it was ineffective. Alpha 6 appeared to be entirely helpless during the Piranhatrons' assault on the Power Chamber [2] and Ecliptor's invasion of the Megaship [3].
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Did Alpha ever pilot any Zords?

Alpha 5 used a remote to pilot the Red Battlezord and Super Zeo Zords to help the Rangers against giant-sized Gasket and Archerina (he apparently had the Super Zeo Megazord throw a sword at Archerina) [1]. Alpha 6 later took control of the Astro Megaship/Megazord on a few occasions (see "Astro Megaship").
[1] Hawaii Zeo

Did Alpha celebrate Christmas?

Apparently; see "Zordon" for more details.

Did Alpha 5 have different bodies in season 1?

Pretend it's the same
Pretend it's the same
His torso and shoulders alternated between two subtly different designs during the first season, but the discrepancy wasn't mentioned in-show.

Could Alpha 5 create life?

Maybe: he once tapped into the Morphing Grid to conjure up wildflowers in the barren desert [1].
[1] The Wedding, part 1

Did Alpha know what to do when the Command Center was being destroyed, or didn't he?

Depends which episode you watch: during the destruction, he originally cried out, "Ay yi yi yi yi! Zordon!! I don't know what to do! Ay yi yi yi yi!!" [1]. When this was shown in flashback (at least the version of "A Zeo Beginning" that contained a flashback), he exclaimed, "Ohh! Ay yi yi yi [slurs] yi yi yi! Zordon!! Ohh!" [2].
[1] Hogday Afternoon, part 2
[2] A Zeo Beginning, part 1 (version with flashback)

Did Alpha keep the Rangers hanging when they asked about Zordon's fate, or didn't he?

"A Zeo Beginning" gave two different responses when Adam and Kat asked about Zordon, one at the end of part 1 and another at the beginning of part 2. In both versions, Adam asked, "What about Zordon?" and Kat added, "Yeah. Is he...?"
  • In part one, Alpha stiffly replied, "Oh. I am so sorry, Power Rangers.. I guess I should have told you right away."; the teens looked dour at this point [1].
  • In part two, Alpha quickly replied (to the same questions), "Ay yi yi! Don't even think it! Zordon is just fine!" [2]
[1] A Zeo Beginning, part 1
[2] A Zeo Beginning, part 2

When did Alpha 5 get a new shiny body?

Apparently between the Zeo finale and the Turbo movie, but the change wasn't mentioned (nor was the Power Chamber's new design) [1].
[1] Good as Gold, Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

How did Alpha 5 know Lerigot?

Unspecified, but he and Lerigot spoke a common language (they understood each other "as good friends should," Zordon noted) [1].
[1] Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

Why did Alpha 5 leave Earth?

When Zordon left to be with his family on Eltar, Alpha 5 simply went with him; no further explanation was given [1].
[1] Shift into Turbo, part 3

Who created Alpha 6?

Unspecified; he simply strolled into the Power Chamber after Alpha 5's departure [1].
[1] Shift into Turbo, part 3

Did Alpha 6 come with Dimitria to Earth?

It's uncertain, but note that he bid her "welcome" when she appeared shortly after his debut [1].
[1] Shift into Turbo, part 3

Did Alpha 6 have Alpha 5's memories?


Why did Alpha 5 have his old body when he visited for the Turbo teens' retirement?

Not shiny :(
Not shiny :(
Unspecified [1].
[1] Passing the Torch, part 2

Was there only one shiny Alpha body or something?

In real life, probably. In-show, it is true Alpha 5 didn't ever appear in shiny form alongside Alpha 6 [1]. Ultimately, though, none of Alpha's body changes was ever mentioned in-show.
[1] Shift into Turbo, part 3, Passing the Torch, part 2

What did Alpha 5 do on Eltar?

Unknown, except that he and Zordon reportedly built the Robot Rangers on Eltar [1].
[1] The Robot Ranger

What happened to Alpha 5?

Unknown, but Dark Specter's invasion of Eltar was known to result in the capture of Zordon [1] and some keycards which had belonged to him [2].
[1] Chase into Space, part 2
[2] Flashes of Darkonda

Why did Alpha 6 have a combative voice and attitude during Turbo?

Unspecified, but Alpha's change in personality was accompanied by a new Socratic style of mentoring from Dimitria [1].
[1] Shadow Rangers

But then his voice changed back later?

Yes, it changed when Andros replaced his "voice chip" after it had been damaged (Andros explained he didn't have a computer chip of his old voice) [1]. His personality apparently changed at the same time (more akin to Alpha 5's friendly demeanor) [1].
[1] From out of Nowhere, part 2

How was his voice chip damaged?

Unspecified. He seemed fine after the Power Chamber's explosion [1], but he then spoke in gibberish some time after they had lifted off in the Megashuttle [1,2]; it was at this point the teens concluded his "speech circuit board" had been damaged in the explosion [2].
[1] Chase into Space, part 2
[2] From Out of Nowhere, part 1

How did changing a voice chip change his personality?

This wasn't explained in detail.

How did Andros have a voice chip matching Alpha 5?

As Andros installed it, the chip cycled through a number of voices before settling on one that was a fair match for Alpha 5; the similarity, however, wasn't mentioned in-show [1].
[1] From out of Nowhere, part 2

How did Alpha 6 survive a fall from somewhere near Mirinoi's moon to the planet's surface below?

Unspecified. Alpha and Leo were separated in space by the Megaship's explosion, and the Rangers later helped him out of a bush on the planet below [1].
[1] Journey's End, part 2

When did Alpha 6 leave Mirinoi?

Unknown; he was last seen on Mirinoi with the Galaxy Rangers [1], and then much later he was in a crate in Angel Grove [2]. That's all we know (except that Bulk was also on Mirinoi at one point and later on Earth as well [3]).
[1] Journey's End, part 2
[2] Once a Ranger, part 2
[3] Forever Red

Why was he in a crate?

Unspecified, but when he was brought back online, he was happy to see Adam and noted he'd had a "wonderful rest" but that it was "great to be up and running again" [1]. After repairing the Morphing Grid (see below), he noted it "[felt] good to be useful again" [1]. When Adam later offered him a job at his dojo, he noted anywhere would be "better than that crate" [1].
[1] Once a Ranger, part 2

What happened to his voice?

Adam didn't mention anything about his gosh-awful voice [1].
[1] Once a Ranger, part 2

And what about his height? Alpha 6 seemed to be much taller once he was rebuilt.

Once again, this wasn't mentioned [1].
[1] Once a Ranger, part 2

What did Alpha do to fix the Morphing Grid?

"What would Zordon do?"
"What would Zordon do?"
Unknown. Noting he'd never actually been inside the Morphing Grid before, Alpha vanished in white light when Andrew Hartford pressed a button in his lab; he was later in the malfunctioning tunnel of the grid and wondered, "What would Zordon do?" [1]. He later returned to Hartford's lab in white light, the grid now fixed [1].
[1] Once a Ranger, part 2

Wait... "What would Zordon do?" When did Alpha 6 ever meet Zordon?

Well, he was never shown speaking to Zordon, but he was present when Zordon attended the Turbo Rangers' power transfer ceremony [1]. Otherwise, we don't know what contact they had, if any. (And again, we don't know whether Alpha 6 shared Alpha 5's memories.)
[1] Passing the Torch, part 2

What happened to Alpha 6?

He agreed to help out at Adam's dojo back in Angel Grove [1].
[1] Once a Ranger, part 2

Who created Alpha 7?

Alpha 7 passing through
Alpha 7 passing through
Unspecified, but the Astro Megaship Mark II was reportedly "fresh off the construction yards of KO-35" [1]. Whether that has any bearing on Alpha 7 is unknown.
[1] Forever Red

Did Alpha 7 look identical to Alpha 6?

No, he appeared to have a slightly different head and shoulders, perhaps shiny versions of parts from one of Alpha 5's bodies [1].
[1] Forever Red

So Alpha 7 was built from the parts of Alpha 5??

Alpha 7's origins were unspecified.

What happened to Alpha 7?

He was last seen aboard the Megaship Mark II [1].
[1] Forever Red